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China tourists Australia pee travel agency: two parties have returned home (Figure) original title: Sydney park two tourists have returned home Chinese urinating network transmission of the afternoon of October 29th, two Chinese tourists in Australia Sydney Royal Botanic Garden pee, police stopped, because of the anti anti Australia was arrested. Australia New South Wales state police subsequently confirmed the matter. In November 2nd, Zhejiang CITS Wenzhou branch relevant responsible person to the squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) said the two officers involved tourists has returned, the matter is still in further processing. The Australian police seized control of a Chinese tourists involved.         network pictures after urinating trying to escape two tourists were arrested in October 29th, micro-blog @ Australia released micro-blog said, the Chinese tourists in Sydney, Australia, the local police arrested two. It is reported that the two tourists urinating in the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney tourist attractions on the lawn, and refused to listen to discourage, police force control and arrested two people. Micro-blog is also equipped with photos of two people arrested, one of the older tourists by a police down to the ground. Some netizens said, see two male tourists in the Royal Botanic Garden Lawn pee, by passing patrol found and stopped, then two people want to escape without success, against the police, one of whom was the police a suplex toppled to the ground after being sent to the hospital. November 2nd, homicide No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) said in reply to contact New South Wales state police: Saturday October 29, 2016 around 3:25 in the afternoon, the police patrol found 2 were 41 years old and 66 year old male, under the watchful eyes of the people in the botanical garden under a tree to pee. Australian police said they were trying to escape when a police officer approached them. One of the older men and the police clashed, has been charged with resisting arrest. A police officer was forced to drop him on the spot to control him. The man was subsequently sent to St. Vincent’s Hospital, disposal of leg and shoulder wound. The 66 year old man with aggressive behavior is required to appear in court arrest. October 31st, the 66 year old tourists have appeared in the Downing Central District Court, will appear again in court on trial in December 12th. Another 41 year old man was fined. "Micro-blog @ Australia thing release relevant information.       micro-blog. Travel agency confirmed that two involved tourists has returned to the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney official website background information, the park is a large park in Sydney plant, management, by the The Domain Foundation Annual open, free admission. The park was originally Australia’s first farm, close to Sydney Opera House and central business district. Was established in 1816 at the time of the governor Macquarie chaired, covers an area of 30 hectares. According to the Sydney Chinese had to go to the park to play, because the park belongs to the municipal property, and the area is large, the number of visitors, daily patrol patrol, and park with public toilets, the police have stepped forward to stop the normal behavior. In November 2nd, the criminal investigation team 37 (WeChat I English)相关的主题文章: