Chongqing daughter-in-law to report her husband playing card class mother-in-law that advised him to-音羽かなで

Chongqing daughter-in-law to report her husband playing cards to persuade her husband that her divorce, said his wife, so he was surprised and angry. Beginning in November, Yu Liang is very unlucky, he talked about the business slip out to play mahjong was reported, and the report of his wife was actually his wife. Yu Liang suffered a series of wages, criticism and a series of punishment, and mother about the incident, straight sigh this is daughter-in-law "loyalty", advised his son to divorce as early as possible…… Time slipped out cards at 1 at noon yesterday, the reporter in the Guanyin Bridge light rail station, see Yu Liang, in his occupation, wearing a work card, Yu Liang, his 26 year old, work in the vicinity of a media company in the customer, "I work in this company for more than 1 years. The first time was so much punishment." Yu Liang admitted that he doesn’t drink or smoke, only hobby is playing mahjong, usually after work and friends will ma poly play a few laps in the teahouse, weekend entertainment also to play mahjong through, beginning November 3rd at noon, Ma friends did not stop at the WeChat group’s invitation, provoked more than bright heart itch. In the afternoon, Yu Liang said to see a client on the grounds to charge, leaving the company straight at the five store mahjong, hit 9 points that night to go home, because to win some money, Yu Liang feel smug. Wife was reported to the company but the second day early in the morning, Yu Liang to the company soon, director of department meeting, the meeting stressed the need to consolidate discipline first, then suddenly mentioned more than playing mahjong bright things, executives said, Yu Liang slipped out of work time playing mahjong, this effect is bad, the company will give serious treatment. Who told me, will not be friends, right?" Just after the meeting, Yu Liang panic, again see the WeChat mobile phone flash, was sent to his wife: "I told you the news report to the leadership of you, you get addicted to mahjong black day, go on like this, you can’t have." This news is like a bomb, so I was surprised and angry: "was reported by his wife, this feeling is too difficult to describe!" Soon, the company’s handling of the opinion came out, a fine of 800 yuan, the company informed criticism, and the matter was recorded in the end of the year Yu Liang assessment (with the end of the year award hook), if the next direct dismissal. My mother suggested that he quickly divorce Yu Liang said the day after work, he stormed home packed up and moved back to his parents Home Furnishing live, is still in the cold war and wife Miss Fang qi. Yu Liang’s mother what aunt lived Loquat Hill District of Yuzhong, is a retired textile worker, she told reporters on the phone, former daughter-in-law and Yu Liang no less for playing mahjong things too noisy, they always stand on the side of her daughter-in-law, severely criticized the son, but for Miss Fang reported this Yu Liang thing. She was very angry, but miss each other. The most important thing is the trust between husband and wife, their people can report, it is too terrible." What aunt is getting more and more excited, constantly jump out of "loyalty" and "backstabbing" vocabulary to express emotions. Aunt said, she felt this thing is a wake-up call, the son and daughter divorce. His wife never regret yesterday相关的主题文章: