Chongqing night fishing fishing for a living that a uncle on the Jialing River-hamimelon

Chongqing: night fishing rod a uncle on the Jialing River fishing for a living Chongqing daily news the evening of November 14th, Shapingba Nanxi Jialing River wellhead mouth, 48 year old Mr. Wang rescued a river to commit suicide. The cold water, Mr. Wang is not clever he jumped into the river, only one fishing rod on the successful rescue, how did he do it? The upstream river drift to an unknown object in the evening, who lives in Shapingba Shuangbei Mr. Wang and friends came to Nanxi is located in the mouth of the Jialing River fishing at night. At 10, he heard a voice from the river. Grunt, like a choked water voice." Yesterday, Mr. Wang told reporters that he followed the sound looked toward the river, upstream of the place about 100 meters, there was a black object floating down. With the wave of unidentified objects in the river partly hidden and partly visible black. "Oh, it looks like a man!" Mr. Wang saw the black objects in the water up and down, with a head, but also to wear the clothes. He then concluded that the other party is not to swim, but an accident. Night fishing hook hook throwing clothes "to rescue immediately!" Mr. Wang came up with the idea. However, river rapids, and at night, the line of sight is not good, but to water, weather and water temperature is too low, will also limit their swimming. At that time, I do not want to impulse the blind to save water, otherwise people did not save, they may also be dangerous." Mr. Wang said, see next to the fishing rod, his heart of a meter, trying to hook the hook each other, rescue ashore. So, Mr. Wang began to wait for the other side to drift away from their own, only more than 10 meters away, the line will be decisive to throw. The cast is very successful, click on the hook hooks up with each other’s clothes. See each other successfully "hooked", Mr. Wang worry when the line will pull off, will not immediately pull to the shore, but quickly shouted beside a night fishing friend, let him throw hooks hooked in people. A few minutes later, the two of them together, slowly will be pulled back to the shore. Drowning guy no danger to pull the other shore, Mr. Wang called the alarm call. Soon, China slobber police station rushed to the scene, and the guy rushed to a nearby hospital. After investigation, the guy named Ma, 27 years old, Hechuan, grew up in a divorced family, introverted, usually do not love to communicate with people. That night because of feelings of frustration, confused on the river to commit suicide. Subsequently, the police informed Ma’s father, let it take care of his son, to avoid the accident again. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the hospital, the guy has no life-threatening.相关的主题文章: