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Chris Anderson – competition for the platform to become the trend of opening is the key – Sohu technology September 14th Chris Mr. Anderson participated in the second Shanghai – California innovation dialogue". Mr. Anderson currently 3D Robetics CEO, has written "free", "long tail effect", "third industrial revolution" and many other best-selling books. At the meeting, he described the next 100 years there will be three different competitive models, including company competition, product competition and platform competition. The following is the speech finishing. I am from Silicon Valley, my company, work is done according to the mode of Internet innovation, innovation is not only the digital things, but also an open community, the model of the Internet is to connect people, the purpose is to connect people. It is to break the barriers between people all over the world, can let communication between people and people, if you look at the development of Internet technology, they are driven by people driven by the community driven by open drive, and are global. This is not only the Internet, but in twenty-first Century the whole development is open community style, the Internet is an open platform for the next 10 years, we can see a variety of other open platform. I would like to give you a look at the vision of the next 100 years, there are three different forms of competition. From the beginning of the industrial revolution in the modern society, the first type is the competition between the company and the company’s competition, 100 years ago between companies competing with each other, because they represent the productive forces. They have factories, with the supply chain, with the retail channel and so on, to the company as the boundary, this is we marked the beginning of the industrial revolution. To make things more difficult, so the company has distribution logistics, capital, assets, they have the resources to make objects and products, this company can have the market. The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more easy, China has become the leader of the world’s leadership, we have third party manufacturing, any enterprise, the company can have the productivity, they can only be outsourced. Our second competition is the product to the product, so all the competition is at the level of the product. The next thing is becoming more and more quickly, all of our products have become more and more cheap, this is our late twenty-first Century consumer of such an era, we are now entering a new era is a digital era, because of changes in our manufacturing industry, our competition format changes, because the products are digitized, so distribution and logistics with the traditional form is not the same, so the manufacture and distribution of products is very low barriers, barriers to entry are very low, our competition is the network. So now we have one plus one is greater than three effect, so the network we call it a platform, so a form of competition we see now is from company to company, product to product, now is the competition between the platform and the platform. What is a platform? In general, the platform is the one or two company, for example, to create such a platform, may have part of this platform, but they.相关的主题文章: