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Comments: about how to deal with the new deal in order to start with a consensus? – Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen after yesterday and Guangzhou four city network together about car rules after the draft, today, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other places also quickly follow, will be on the local network about cars, drivers, vehicle pricing qualification qualification to make specific provisions. After the driver’s household registration, vehicle license to discuss the hot spots around the draft after the draft, immediately aroused heated debate. In the CCTV news WeChat public platform message area, users discuss the hottest, mainly concentrated in the safety of the car, the driver’s household registration and vehicle license issues. Some users believe that Beijing, Shanghai on the driver’s household registration, license plate restrictions are too strict, the first consideration should be to ensure the safety of passengers. Phantastishch: I think these conditions first of all to ensure the safety of about car customers, which is a major premise. Is not required to engage in the network about the driver of the car to go to the local public security departments for the record, so they are a constraint. : I think it is not necessary to secluded orchid in a deserted Valley is the city residence and the vehicle, but the driver is better quality, high degree of integrity. At the same time, there are users that a large number of network about foreign brand car lane lying alive, which leads to the problem of illegal parking fee dispute. Mr.lonely: local license should be required. In addition, we should strictly examine the driver, there is no illegal records, personal feeling after a big city, driving the following 2 to 3 years, they do not come out to meet! Return to nature: I think the nets should be the city car, city car. In this case, a better understanding of personal information, even if there is something, it is not so difficult to deal with! Recently, Shanghai city traffic enforcement department found in the remediation network about car chaos, in Hongqiao traffic hub area, excellent step, easy to drop, the three network about the car platform, there are not strict, does not have the card driver and the acquiescence of the vehicle operation qualification access orders. In Beijing Dawanglu near to the evening, waiting for orders and shuttle passengers network about cars, and some carpool to suburban vehicles lined up, stretching hundreds of meters, four lanes accounted for two, among them, a foreign license network about cars also accounted for a considerable proportion of. Beijing Transportation Committee: "Beijing Beijing car" to consider the population, congestion and air quality on the one hand a lot of people think that the rules are too strict, if this implementation will inevitably lead to the number of qualified network about cars declined sharply (taking Shanghai as an example, the data show that the Shanghai household network about car drivers only more than 10 thousand people only have activated 410 thousand drivers a fraction), leading to price rise, the impact of travel convenience. But on the other hand, the same can not be ignored, since there is a net about car platform, various problems have emerged, especially in the field of parking live though some people to bring convenience, but also objectively exacerbated regional congestion. For the implementation of the rules of the network about the car in Beijing draft why asked the Beijing people, Beijing car, Beijing City Traffic Commission on the network about the car today to explain, this is a comprehensive consideration of the macro相关的主题文章: