Comments received stock index rose 0.08% tied V turn years even the longest record of

Comments received: stock index rose 0.08% tied V turn years even the longest Yang records Phoenix Financial News October 14th, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened slightly lower, then gradually concussion, gem index fell more than 1%. Two cities in the afternoon stock index rebounded into a state of slow recovery. Late in Chinese drive Unicom, railway, Chinese Chinese to heavyweight, Shanghai refers to accelerate the rise, smoothly meteoric rise to close, the gem refers to the decline has narrowed. As at the closing, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3063.81 points, up 0.08%, turnover of 163 billion 790 million yuan. Stock index to achieve 7 with Yang, tying the longest record year with yang. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10759.68 points, down 0.26%, turnover of 259 billion 790 million yuan. Gem closed at 2194.23 points, down 0.65%, turnover of $71 billion 740 million. Today the stock index trend recently stock index chart from the disk, the Xi’an Free Trade Zone, new chemical materials, gaosongzhuan, airport and shipping sector gainers; oil upgrading, new materials, media and other plate decreases. Shanghai shares through the net inflow of 1 billion 30 million. Today the biggest gainers stocks, China Unicom today once again limit the impact, but late open trading board, as of the close, China Unicom rose 9.53% Chinese. According to Bloomberg quoted informed sources said the plan will Chinese Sinochem and China chemical group merged into a group, and received good news, in international trading, Yangnong rose 3.58%. News: [Bloomberg: China combined Sinochem and China chemical group] Bloomberg quoted informed sources said the plan will Chinese Sinochem and China chemical group merged into a group, it was officially announced before there may be variables. China chemical industry group website shows that in 2015 the group’s revenue of $45 billion, while Sinochem Group also holds a number of Listed Companies in the international. Note: small fortune A shares in the group respectively in the international, Yangnong, country shares, Intel group, the Hong Kong stock company respectively Chinese SINOFERT, Jinmao Tower, far east horizon, Jinmao investment. [NDRC: there are clear limits on debt equity swap] company Sun Xuegong NDRC Economic Research Institute said, China can achieve at least 6.5% economic growth target. Debt or increase the risk of the bank, which has been arranged to limit such risks, there are clear limits on debt equity swap of the company, the company can not save the bankruptcy or reorganization, will be the first to support the periodic fluctuation of strong industry debt. The Chinese government does not have a list of zombie companies, China’s banking system is generally stable. SASAC: state owned bond risk is controllable, said Liu Shaowei, deputy director of the SASAC Evaluation Bureau, China is strengthening the control of central enterprises bond issuance. Institutional point of view: Jufeng investment adviser that just out of the amount of land market, it is worth looking forward to having a rebound. Monday Tuesday two days after the market rebound in volume with the external weak trend, continuous slight shrinkage callback, a cleansing means that investors can buy low sell high around the 5 day moving average. Today, the central state-owned enterprises to reform the subject matter outstanding performance, the market outlook can continue to focus on whether it can become the new main line of the market. Operation, continue to focus on shell resources stocks and three quarterly pre;相关的主题文章: