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Outside of the Commission on the impact of information management has now small fund companies bend overtaking difficult We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Less than a year, the bank outsourcing on the asset management industry, especially for the public fund and bond market has had a negligible impact. First of all, the size of the top 20 fund companies gain the most, the more intense competition between them, a small fund company overtaking corners more difficult than imagined. At present, the main force is the central and western regions of the commercial banks, especially in the secondary commercial banks, which is part of the bank’s selection criteria is the basic aim of the public fund industry management scale of the top 20. This threshold will all of a sudden the majority of small and medium-sized fund companies are excluded, actually exacerbated the Matthew effect of the industry, this year the scale of asset management fund before the big 20 continue to benefit, accelerate the expansion, further contributed to the size of the public fund first atmosphere. The next few years of development outsourcing fund is still the outsourcing market is still represent the general trend, there are great opportunities, in this context, the fund company should have changed the distribution strategy and related industrial chain of ecological environment. Another big impact of the Commission is to accelerate the institutionalization of public fund. This year, the most direct consequence of the blowout of the outsourcing of customized funds is raised fund institutional characteristics greatly enhanced. According to the fund semi annual data, 108 fund companies all fund shares, there are 52% institutional investors hold. In 2015, the total share of the 94 fund companies, institutional investors hold a share of only 39%. In addition, public fund companies in the proportion of institutional investors holding shares accounted for more than 90% of the total, accounting for more than 80% of up to 19, the highest proportion of the company was as high as 99.7%. It can be predicted that the future of the commission policy on the impact of public fund industry. The expected return outsourcing decreased rapidly, large institutions began to closed. Much of the outsourcing of bond funds based, especially in the medium and long term pure debt, this result is expected to lead to significant decline in outsourcing earnings. On the one hand, because of the size of small fund companies can not enter the threshold of the white list of commercial banks, on the other hand, some of the big fund companies and private equity for a variety of reasons no longer accept new outsourcing funds. So far, the two sides have entered a tangled state. The outsourcing of information management industry is also reflected in the impact of the bond investment fund, brokerage talent great Shift of the universe. A large influx of foreign capital bank commission makes the fund company size has soared, leading talent shortage, the brokerage outsourcing funds were not willing to fund the United States alone, also get ready for battle to join the competition, further exacerbated the shortage of talent to invest in fixed income, also let this year fixed income areas leave the tide continues. According to incomplete statistics, since this year, more than 20 public fund bond fund managers have left, including fixed income investment star fund manager, and the main place for these professionals is a fixed income broker team. It can be predicted that the future of the market for qualified personnel相关的主题文章: