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Confucius advocated "courageous", is the ruler of the [Abstract] Confucius advocated "courageous", mainly for people not for the general call, but a kind of specific requirements of individual quality of the political ruling. Later, do not know what time from the beginning, "Samaritan" seems to be a "patent is entrusted with the common people". The | Wang Xiangdong Confucius of "the Analects of Confucius said" the ghost festival, Chan is also. Omission, courage ", meaning that ghost should not sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice, and should make a difference; that’s the thing, but nothing is called no courage. Many scholars believe that this is the two section, not much contact with each other. Some scholars have done some attempts to be made one feel more far fetched, after all. "Qian Muwei said:" the Analects "this chapter Lianju two things, if not all Lunlei, zhizhirenxin. Do not cover various social and Philippines righteousness, by heart pain, such as Chan with courage is. Confucius benevolence, the heart is to teach the program." From the point of view of "heart teaching", Qian Muwei seems to have invented. But a "Analects of Confucius", which sentence is not directed at the people? It should be understood, then a "Analects of Confucius", has become a sub chapter section, and why? Read Lu Guimeng "wild Temple Monument", a discovery. Repeat ten times to think Lu Guimeng is really clear "the non Ghost Festival, Chan is also" and "omission, the relationship of courage" between the two, "a masterpiece of the relationship between the wild Temple Monument" is to interpret this two. "The wild Temple Monument" from "monument, sad" pen, criticizing "look Ouyue between good ghost mountain pepper waterfront multi Yinsi, the irony is that" the temple looks male and Yi, and Shuo Yue tetrahedrite, general; temperature and may, Zhe and less. He said a "Lang wood DOGU, is nothing more than the non Ghost Festival, Chan is also the theme – but not, at least not entirely. You read "this male Yi and Shuo persons, and those who have less willing to warm up, class, sitting feast, ear gourd mouth, Liangrou string carrier, Ma Yong Tuli, is also the occasion, it is not difficult to find, Lu Guimeng directed by, is actually the reality in the life of" stealing my your salary ", Lu Guimeng said it is" the language of civil – ying". "Nothing in their flat, refers to the virtuous; once the doctor worries, when the country is on the back scratching timid, channeling to stumble, begging for captivity too busy", this performance is not "omission, a true portrayal of courage"? Confucius this "the non Ghost Festival, Chan is also. Omission, courage, "in the" Analects of Confucius "in the" political discourse "arrangement in the end. It should be said that this is not unintentional. Confucius advocated "for the government to Germany", emphasizing the improvement of the personal qualities of the ruling, pay more attention to the training of new social and political reform. As the ruling party, not only a "heroic" sensitive, there must be a "good Samaritan" courage. Otherwise, the lack of political sensitivity, lack of political wisdom, lack of political courage, inaction, sinecures, "rule of virtue" is just a slogan. Thus, Confucius advocated "courageous", mainly for people not for the general call, but a kind of specific requirements of individual quality of the political ruling. Later,.相关的主题文章: