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Beauty The number of cosmetic surgeries in Beverly Hills has steadily increased for a number of years. The reason for the increase is due in large part to many women and men wanting to look their very best. Society looks at people and judges them on how they look which is why many turn towards cosmetic surgery. This is especially the case in Beverly Hills. Cosmetic surgery can be somewhat invasive with a long recovery time. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons have provided a number of these surgeries only to watch their patients suffer for extended periods of time. These physicians are recognizing that the long recovery periods are interfering with the lives of patients. Therefore, many cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills have looked for alternative procedures that are better for patients and less invasive. In previous years, many patients would seek brow or face lifts to relieve them of fine lines and wrinkles. Many cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills now offer filler materials rather than invasive brow and facial lifts. These filler materials can be fat injections or manufactured materials. Some cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills have even developed their own fillers using a patients own tissues. In some cases cosmetic surgery may be necessary. However, cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills will suggest the least invasive procedures. For example, some patients who seek a tummy tuck to get rid of unwanted fat and skin may be candidates for a newer type of tummy tuck. This procedure does not involve a long incision and is not as intricate as a full tummy tuck. Surgeons do not want their patients to have long recoveries which is why many seek to find alternate procedures. The main goal of cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills is to treat their patients in a safe way yet with the best results possible. Dr. Brent Moellenken is a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills with a great deal of experience. He has developed a number of cosmetic procedures and materials to help improve patient care. This Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon is one dedicated to improving the recovery period of patients. He takes into consideration the patients desired results as well as procedures and their recovery periods to make appropriate recommendations to his patients. As a doctor, their safety and well being are the top priority. To read more about Dr. Moellenken and the many advances he makes in plastic surgery visit his website at About the Author: 相关的主题文章: