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CPI after a lapse of 2 years in May to return to the next price will not show up all the way, now the price of garlic is expensive, a pound of nearly $10, CPI to go up?" Open housewives and investors Liu’s phone, a problem down to the daily economic news reporter threw. "Garlic you ruthless" comeback, so that we are concerned about the price from different angles. November 9th, the National Bureau of statistics released in October CPI data show that CPI fell 0.1%, an increase of 2.1%. Since May this year, back to the "2" interval. Is this a sign of rising prices? From the same period, CPI rose 2.1% in October, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, mainly due to the relatively low base over the same period last year." Interpretation of the data, the National Bureau of statistics city division Senior Statistician Yu Qiumei said. Previously, moneta macroeconomic research director Zhong Zhengsheng had predicted that, although the food and non food prices overall is relatively stable, but in October of last year’s low base, is expected in October CPI year will further rise, but the overall upside is limited. The most closely linked with China’s price level is food prices. Food prices rose 3.7% in October, an increase of only 0.5 percentage points from the previous month, far from the garlic you ruthless so exaggerated. It is worth noting that, in accordance with the current CPI weight, pork prices are still a key category affecting the trend of CPI, which is still down. Future prices will show a trend of rising all the way? The answer should be no, 2% of the price level is more likely to be a platform, rather than CPI start ladder. Lian Ping, chief economist at bank told the "daily economic news" reporter said, market to maintain ample liquidity to support the formation of CPI, but there is less likelihood of strong stimulation of monetary policy, the inflation pressure is not. Future CPI may be slightly higher than last year or more than 2% fluctuations. In October PPI mom both rose, and rose up to 1.2%, or 1.1 percentage points last month to expand, last month from a year earlier to positive PPI so strong, also deserves attention. A lot of strong reasons to pick up PPI a lot of Lian Ping said that the policy of steady growth started to fall, the downstream market demand gradually improved, driven by industrial product prices may be picking up. Coal, steel and other industries to increase production capacity, the first three quarters of the year to complete the production target of 80%, the price is expected to play a boost. In the view of the Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar, PPI higher or lead to improvement in corporate earnings and inflation expectations, is expected next quarter to two PPI will continue to rise and is likely to exceed CPI. In the early stage, which may make the market look forward to improving the profitability of industrial enterprises. As the price chain upstream and downstream, PPI strong trend will not be transmitted to the CPI? Guoxin Securities gives the answer is very difficult. There are two reasons, one is the macro data, obviously in PPI last year and this year, down sharply PPI sharply upward, non food PPI in living materials and in CPI has remained stable, did not follow the PPI decline or rise. Two is the industry data, there are a lot of price increases can not push up the terminal.相关的主题文章: