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Dalian a man because nipple is too big to do the right side of the nipple retraction did not clear is the nipple surgery, how can the nipple shrink?" The 30 year old Dalian man Li Jiang has an unspeakable pain, his right nipple has the size of the adult female. Li Jiang did not dare to wear tight clothes, did not dare to go to the public bathhouse, afraid I should laugh at. In order to remove the heart of the burden, Li Jiang made a narrow nipple surgery in a hospital in the city, can be found after the nipple almost disappeared, "only a areola." In the face of questioning, the doctor said surgery no problem, but the nipple is still". Li Jiang does not accept the doctor’s explanation. He believes that the nipple is to reduce the appearance of beauty, and now can not find the nipple with a magnifying glass, how can you say no problem?" Because of excessive wear a small inferiority nipple tight shirts will "bump", a man Li Jiang has been living in the shadow of inferiority. At a young age, Li Jiang said, his right nipple was larger than the left. As he grew older, the right side of the nipple is also growing up, and finally grow to adult female size. The primary school, the kids around the indecent nickname for him. Nipple abnormalities caused by embarrassment, so that Li Jiang has been living in the shadow of inferiority. He dare not topless, dare not wear tight clothes, but did not dare to go to a public bathhouse. As long as someone to look into his chest, Li Jiang immediately will not naturally, for fear of others as "monster"". After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, into the city of a public institution, but also a girlfriend. In 2014, Li Jiang and his girlfriend to begin the discussion about marriage. Immersed in the vision of the future life of his heart, hidden a little worry. "What should I do if she knows my nipples?" Li Jiang said that during love, he never mentioned this initiative, girlfriend did not know on the matter, but he always feel guilty, "do not want to give her a bad impression." Li Jiang intends to secretly solve the matter before marriage, so he did not search the relevant knowledge on the internet. Narrow nipple change shrink? In the spring of 2014, Li Jiang learned through the network search, a hospital in Dalian plastic surgery can do nipple reduction surgery. In this hospital, Li Jiang was diagnosed with nipple hypertrophy. In May 1st of that year, Li Jianghua to more than 3000 yuan fee, in this hospital underwent nipple reduction surgery. According to the operation records issued by the hospital, after the nipple design, local anesthesia, according to the design of line wedge cut a 0.5 cm wide nipple ring cut tissue, nipple skin tissue is 0.6 centimeters high, suture the incision, the nipple was significantly reduced…… Smooth operation." However, things did not follow Li Jiang’s vision of development. A week after the removal of the gauze, found the nipple was gone." Li Jiang said, accept the purpose of narrowing the nipple in order to "shrink", rather than "shrink", if the nipple is not, but it will make him more self-esteem. Li Jiang said, after two years, he has been trying to negotiate with the hospital to resolve the matter. "When the thing the doctor said, no surgery; hospital said, the hospital has no responsibility, but is willing to take 2000 yuan to solve." Li Jiang believes that the surgery did not reach the predetermined相关的主题文章: