Data Security, Inc. Celebrates 25

Business LINCOLN Data Security, Inc., celebrates a milestone anniversary this month: 25 years of keeping the nations digital information secure. Locally owned and operated, Data Security, Inc., manufactures a line of mechanical devices, called degaussers, which .pletely erase classified and sensitive information from magnetic recording media like video tapes and .puter hard drives. Lab tests have shown that formatting, deleting and overwriting procedures are incapable of erasing a hard drives. These procedures simply remove the pointers that locate the files and .presses disk space. The files remain recoverable leaving sensitive information like credit cards, bank accounts and medical histories, as well as classified information like proprietary patents and military intelligence at risk of being lifted from discarded or stolen drives. Likewise, physical destruction of a .puter hard drive (shattering, drilling, folding, shredding and disintegrating) does not ensure data is unrecoverable either. Both .mercial and government laboratories have methods to successfully recover data from fragments as small as one millimeter by one millimeter. The only way to ensure all information is removed from a tape or disk is to use a high-powered degausser. With a strong magnetic field, degaussers physically re-randomize the metal particles clearing the information from the magnetic tape or hard drive, rendering the data irretrievable. Data Security, Inc. is the only manufacturer in the United States whose degaussers have gone through stringent performance testing by The National Security Agency, and passed. This approval enables the .pany to serve as the leading supplier of degaussers to the Department of Defense for homeland security needs. By manufacturing the widest range of electromagnetic and permanent magnet degaussers, Data Security, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for all Department of Defense .ponents, defense contractors, and large and small businesses storing sensitive information including groups such as hospitals, lawyers, financial institutions and the CIA. Whether for use in a data center, office or mobile application, Data Security, Inc. continues to provide a solution for the .plete erasure of digital storage media. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: