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Debt-Consolidation Whenever consumers are deeply distressed owing to a vicious cycle of debt, they desperately look for a solution that can help them overcome the financial crunch. A debtor can avail a number of debt relief programs, debt settlement being one of them. Statistical data has proved that the rate of filing for bankruptcy has escalated to 30% (this year) as compared to 2007. Reports also suggest that the more and more people are having an increased debt-to-income ratio. There are several debt settlement companies offering help to the debtors and helping them to enjoy a debt free life. These debt settlement USA firms take on varied number of clients as the number of debtors is increasing with every passing day. More and more people are finding it difficult to pay off their pending bills. There are credit counselors also who assist consumers in getting out of debt but they take on the responsibility of imparting knowledge related to financial rehabilitation instead of arranging for lower monthly payments and reduced rates of interest. The debt settlement USA firms work on behalf of the debtors and make them debt free within a short span of time. Role played by debt settlement USA firms Once you have decided upon the debt settlement company in USA, the settlement process is initiated. During the course of the debt settlement program, a debtor stops making payments to the creditors. Instead the payment is saved and when 50% of the outstanding balance has been accumulated, the debt settlement USA firm talks to creditors. As much as 40% to 60% of the original amount is reduced owing to the debt settlement process and the amount is finally paid off. Creditors often disagree with the terms and conditions put forward by debt settlement firms in USA, nevertheless, not all are the same and there are creditors who agree to settle debts. The reason being, if they do not agree to settle debts, they will be losing the entire money if the debtor files for bankruptcy. Due to the economic turmoil, more and more people are succumbing to debts. Before the situation worsens, it is best to take grip of your finances and lead a debt free life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: