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Apple and DDT to expand cooperation IT business enterprises seize opportunities to retreat BlackBerry U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 29 FT news announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone hardware market in a few hours after the BlackBerry, the Apple Corp announced with DDT cooperation program, by the latter for a variety of enterprise application deployment of apple products. Apple is building a new partnership with DDT (Deloitte) to boost the growing business with its IT customers, and the iPhone maker is trying to seize the opportunities created by BlackBerry’s retreat from the smartphone market. Apple CEO Cook (data plan) apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview said: "for us, the real opportunity is to expand the use of equipment (mobile), making them not only for browsing, e-mail, send messages and calendar, and really understand the way people work." As part of the agreement, DDT will create a "unprecedented" business, from inventory management to retail stores deployed in various occasions iPhone and iPad. The business focuses on Apple products, and DDT has more than 5000 strategic consultants for this business. In addition, the two companies will also set up a new Advisory Department EnterpriseNext, to help customers in more than 20 industries in DDT more quickly build customer service model. Pu Renjie, DDT’s Global CEO, Punit, told the Financial Times: "the two forces, mobile and digital, are fundamentally changing businesses." Renjen." He said that Apple had changed the way people live with iPhone, and now we’re trying to do the same thing the way we do". Cook said that despite the introduction of App Store in 2008, there has been a large number of applications for customers, "enterprises have been substantially behind."… Many people live a digital life at home, but live a digital life in the company". In terms of business technology, DDT is Apple’s fourth largest partner. Prior to this, Cook had reached an agreement with IBM in 2014 to develop a variety of industry oriented applications for iPhone and iPad. Since then, Apple has strengthened its collaboration with CISCO, a network technology provider, and SAP, a commercial software company. Just a few hours before Apple and DDT were announced on Wednesday, blackberry said it would stop selling mobile devices, so as to focus on software development. Although BlackBerry has repeatedly tried to deal with iPhone, but the company’s hardware sales continue to decline for several consecutive years. These efforts include turning to touch screen devices, and doubling their most popular physical keyboards. When Cook mentioned blackberry, he said, "I think their sales have been low for quite a while. We think this is a great opportunity, and we are very concerned about it.." Pu Renjie said that compared with the 13 thousand people equipped with long-term cooperative relationship with SAP, DDT was 3

苹果与德勤合作拓展企业IT业务 抓住黑莓撤退商机 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股 北京时间29日晚FT讯 在黑莓宣布退出手机硬件市场几小时后,苹果公司公布与德勤的合作计划,通过后者对多种企业应用场景部署苹果产品。   苹果正通过与德勤(Deloitte)之间建立新的合作关系,提振与企业IT客户之间日益增长的业务,这家iPhone制造商正着手抓住黑莓从智能手机市场撤退创造的商机。 苹果CEO库克(资料图)   苹果CEO蒂姆-库克在一次访谈中表示:“对我们来说,真正的机遇是拓展(移动)设备的用途,使它们不仅用于电子邮件、浏览、发送消息和日历,并真正理解人们的工作方式。”   作为该协议的一部分,德勤将创建一种“史无前例”的业务,对从库存管理到零售商店的各种场合部署iPhone和iPad。该业务主要关注苹果产品, 德勤为这一业务配备了逾5000名战略顾问。此外,两家公司还将设立一个新的咨询部门EnterpriseNext,以帮助德勤逾20个行业的客户更快建立客服样板。   德勤全球首席执行官浦仁杰(Punit Renjen)向英国《金融时报》表示:“移动和数字化这两大力量,正根本性地改变企业。”他说,此前苹果已用iPhone改变了人们的生活方式,如今“我们正试图对工作方式做同样的事”。   库克表示,尽管2008年推出应用商店(App Store)以来已涌现了大量供客户使用的应用,“企业却被大幅甩在了后面…许多人在家里过着数字化生活,却在公司过着非数字化生活”。   在商业技术方面,德勤是苹果的第四大合作伙伴。此前,库克曾在2014年与IBM达成协议,为iPhone和iPad研制多款面向业界的应用。在自那以来的两年里,苹果还与网络技术提供商思科及商业软件公司SAP加强了合作。   就在周三公布苹果与德勤协议仅几个小时前,黑莓表示会停止销售移动设备,以便把精力集中在软件开发上。尽管黑莓曾多次努力应对iPhone,但该公司的硬件设备销量仍出现了连续几年的下滑。这些努力包括转向触屏设备,以及将其最为人熟知的物理键盘缩小一倍。   库克在提到黑莓时表示:“我想他们的销量已好一阵处于很低水平了。我们认为这是一次很大的机遇,我们非常关注。。”   蒲仁杰表示,与为拥有长期合作关系的SAP配备的1.3万人相比,德勤为苹果产品类的项目配备了5000人。他说:“这是一项极大投资。要想改变企业,必须从根本上改变流程。”   译者 简易 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: