Dengue fever is also found in Chongqing! Must pay attention to Matera tourism! (video)

Dengue fever is also found in Chongqing! Must pay attention to Matera tourism! Recently, the Chongqing inspection and Quarantine Bureau of quarantine of entry passengers at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport were detected in 1 cases of imported dengue fever cases, this is the Chongqing air port for the first time this year the detection of dengue fever cases, is the first time after 2013 was fourth, the detection of infection. The passengers were male, native of Chongqing, is the immigration scene quarantine officers found a fever from Malaysia Tourism returning to entry, after laboratory international travel health care center of Chongqing for the detection of dengue virus nucleic acid detection (PCR). Dengue fever is an acute mosquito borne disease, can appear high fever, muscle and joint pain and other symptoms, serious illness can endanger life. It is widely popular in the tropical and subtropical countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, the Western Pacific region and the Caribbean region in the United states. The inspection and quarantine departments to remind to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, before traveling to the international travel health services related consulting for health guidance, in the course of travel shall take preventive measures to avoid mosquito bites. At the time of entry such as fever, rash, muscle and joint pain and other symptoms, should take the initiative to declare to the inspection and quarantine departments, and actively cooperate with the investigation of infectious diseases; inspection and quarantine departments at the same time will be given health guidance related. After the entry of these symptoms, should immediately seek medical treatment, and to explain the recent history of travel and mosquito bites history. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news Chen Xiang video is only extended to read, and this article has nothing to do with holiday travel safety attention to prevent the village card and dengue fever"相关的主题文章: