Dexta Valley Xiaochi let you touch the world of VR technology is realized in this way

Dexta Valley Xiaochi: let you touch the world of VR technology, is the realization of this gesture interaction is becoming a hot field of VR interaction, the famous Leap Motion uSens, foreign, domestic also has micro and HandCV team. It is a natural thing to operate directly in the virtual world with your hands, but when you see the real experience, you will find that when you see a hand holding on to something, it feels like you are holding a pile of air. It is for this reason that you can feel the virtual world while interacting with each other and become an effort. One of the most famous startups is Dexta Robotics. Dexta Robotics is a company committed to the invention of the next generation of VR MR interactive devices. Their main product, Dexmo, is a wearable exoskeleton that helps users feel the volume, shape, hardness, and force feedback of virtual objects in the interaction of virtual reality. This hard hard open class, we went to the Dexta founder and CEO Valley Gu (Aler). The valley of Xiaochi is a robot enthusiasts, have studied mechanical control engineering in University of Cambridge, master, after the middle school. Dexta Robotics founder and CEO Gu Xiaochi below is finishing contents of the open class: Lei Feng network: Dexmo this product from 2013 began to develop, it is how to think of to develop such a product? Why did such a long time, the need to overcome the difficulties? Gu Xiaochi: the main function of the early Dexmo is only the detection of hand movements. The main idea that several scenarios for the use of virtual reality, and our own, the control of dexterous manipulator of robot remote EOD, immersion and provide more precise control for "telepresence". Later, with the rise of virtual reality in 2014, I noticed that more and more people focus on the head mounted display. So we look at the long term: what kind of technology will be needed in the market after 2 years? (Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) Note: "telepresence", is a kind of telepresence, through a combination of high-definition video, audio and interactive components, create a unique " in the network; face " new technology experience.) Conclusion interaction. After a lot of interviews with friends, we learned that it was a huge need to bring the touch to the virtual reality, but because of the difficulty, it was obvious that someone really solved it. Most of the existing solutions on the market are already out of date, and it is clear that they can’t keep up with the wave of virtual reality. Also because of the kind of self-confidence Technology Practitioners unique, we believe that the ability to own team can bite under this hoe. Then we try to add different force feedback on the basis of the existing motion detection equipment. 2 years later, it turned out that we did it. Dexmo’s earliest product conceptual design.相关的主题文章: