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"Ding Ying event," the truth, you are deceived? Sohu news Beiyuan accident occurred so far, on the network that are. Until this afternoon, the Beijing police original source, clarify the incident by Internet rumors with partial of the so-called "shady", however many comments on micro-blog, still filled with blind suspicion and negative emotions, with anecdotal rumors that tainted glasses trail, a car accident caused by the tragedy covered the non rational haze, let originally should be respected the truth becomes the hot topic of the network. We are not only sorry for the loss of life, but also for the protection of the truth of the action was questioned and feel sorry. When the rumor, the official not to be understood as a positive response to insider heavy, after several days of investigation after the official clarification, but was questioned behind this initiative to clarify the still insider heavy, in short, at this moment, I believe many people’s heart is broken, because everybody already did not know how to "meet" individual users need to respond to a variety of so-called questions. Along with the development of new media, more and more "opinion leader", "red net V", with various types of network platform spread negative emotions, the network criticism of emotional contagion, blind suspicion and negative, always with the interpretation of observed social phenomena, tainted glasses, even to the proud, curry favour by claptrap. But in real life, but also to the people and things around do not care about, not enthusiasm, they none of my business. The face of violations of law and discipline or emergency situations can not stand up, lack of social responsibility, indifferent, depressed. Event development so far, not to inform the late. But after a traffic accident, in fact, the media reported that the day has been a preliminary notification. Then the CCTV also carried a report on the matter, the suspect has been photographed are introduced. Subsequently, I believe the official must have been in accordance with the statutory procedures for investigation and evidence collection. The reason why this Bulletin released today, it is because the Internet too many unfounded rumors emerged one after another, the identity of the rumors started, the behavior of the deleted posts and so on speculation rumors circulated on the network, Beijing peace is to clarify these subjective speculation out of thin air, was once again issued a statement. This bulletin is not late, but in a very timely period, to explain the matter, in order to get users objective, rational, independent judgment, rather than let the truth is a lot of rumors online bias. In fact, the small series of peace in Beijing, in the comments of users also responded to this. Delete the shady? First of all, the amount of crime to determine the matter, we still handed over to the court, the police have been based on the most significant feature of this car accident, the suspects have taken appropriate measures. According to the current description, the police is the crime of causing traffic accident suspects detained. Exactly how the final sentencing, but also after the prosecutor’s Procuratorate, the court after the trial conviction. Therefore only this release punishment is too light of speech, is too naive. In accordance with the provisions of article 133rd of the criminal law, in violation of the traffic and transport regulations, and thus a major accident, causing serious injury, death or make public or private property suffered heavy losses, at least three years相关的主题文章: