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Before the company to offer Hengda grain business selling health care products in Pakistan war Hengda strong Vanke iron was the next E rent treasure? The Liu Peng in September 28th, Chinese Hengda announced the sale of its grain, dairy products and mineral water business in total 2 billion 700 million yuan. Among them, a little-known company — Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Co., Ltd., to offer 600 million yuan Hengda oil business. Tencent finance business information inquiry found that the company formerly known as Shenzhen xinnuodun Trading Co. Ltd., founded in August 17, 2012, its main business is the health care products wholesale business called "brain relaxed capsule". A report by the China news network shows that the health care products have been criticized by the Ministry of health because of exaggerated propaganda. Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Limited registered capital of 10 million yuan, the current shareholders are Wang Haiji (90% stake), Xie Liwen (10% stake). In October 2014, Shenzhen City Xin Norton trade limited company in commercial data, a series of changes, including office accommodation, shareholders, corporate, members of the board of directors, executives, and the scope of business and enterprise name. This time change, Shenzhen Xin Norton Trading Co., the company changed its name to Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Co., Ltd., corporation by Li Zhimin as one of the current shareholders Xie leewen. The company’s business scope, by the health food wholesale business, changed to invest in industrial, information consulting, import and export business, as well as energy and chemical business. A week later, Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Co., the company once again change the scope of business, grain and oil trade were included in. As of now, Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Co., Ltd. business scope includes: investment in industrial projects (specific items to be declared separately); information consultation; domestic trade; import and export business; fuel oil, primary agricultural products, minerals, mineral products, chemical products, coal purchase and sale; sales of building materials; investment consulting, investment management (shall not engage in financial asset management, trust, securities and asset management business); car rental. Except for projects subject to the laws, administrative regulations or decisions of the State Council, the restricted items shall be subject to approval before they are allowed to operate. Chinese Hengda announcement shows that its wholly-owned Affiliated Companies Hengda Group Co. Ltd. and the independent third party of Shenzhen Lai Lai Lai Industrial Co., Ltd., in September 28th signed an agreement, will hold the Hengda grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd. and ginseng Hengda Hengda Sales Group Co. Ltd and their Affiliated Companies (referred to as the "grain and oil group company) the entire equity sale to the buyer. The total cost of the sale of grain and oil group company is RMB 600 million yuan, after the two sides refer to the value of the oil and gas business value of the company. Among them, the buyer prior to the signing of the agreement within 3 days after the payment of the total price of 10%, that is, RMB 60 million yuan. In the 3 years after the signing of the relevant agreement, it shall be paid in accordance with the annual payment of RMB 180000000 yuan. According to the provisions of this agreement, the company agreed to China Hengda grain and oil group in the maintenance of Hengda brand, not expand the scope of use, shall delegate other use and cause negative effects on the premise, the delivery date within 5 years after the Xingan Hengda can continue to use ".相关的主题文章: