Do not help him set like public disclosure of two-dimensional code payment cheated 999

Do not help him set like the public to disclose the payment of two-dimensional code cheated 999 yuan many people keen to launch the business of WeChat set praise campaign, because the total good luck will get a small gift. Now you can get attention, some criminals began through the set like activities to get money, the public Ms. Sun long ago because like the set a screenshot, cheated 999 yuan. Last week, Ms. sun home Tianjin District of Hongqiao to see their own people in the WeChat circle of friends set like, as long as the set like 48 to send children carts, set like 88 or more children will be able to get a luxury car remote control. Ms. sun will be forwarded to the circle of friends, two days will set up hundreds of praise. She then by sweeping a two-dimensional code plus a called "Showtime toys mall" friends, the other said she needs to provide WeChat wallet payment of two-dimensional code verification have received repeated shots. Subsequently, Ms. sun sent to each other to pay two-dimensional code, the phone immediately received a WeChat payment vouchers, payment amount is 999 yuan. At this time, Ms. sun was reflected in their own cheated. Details of Ms. sun view WeChat payment vouchers that money to a company called "Meiyijia". Ms. sun immediately with the company’s public inquiry, inform each other is a liar with a WeChat payment code screenshot in Meiyijia consumption, is a typical fraud case, suggestions for alarm processing. WeChat two-dimensional code has become a lot of young users preferred method of payment, usually buy things, click on the payment code, do not need to enter the password, the amount of the salesman input prices, the scan code can instantly chargeback. As long as the heart of the people in the purchase of the POS machine, scan code machine, through a simple setting, you can directly through the payment of two-dimensional code chargeback, and this is the reason for fraudsters to ask for payment code screenshot. Police remind the public, one should correctly distinguish between WeChat payment two-dimensional code, this two-dimensional code is equivalent to your bank card + password, must be treated with caution. WeChat, Alipay and other two to close the quick payment free secret function. Three is recommended to open WeChat payment gesture password. In addition, the circle of friends gathered like activities, the public should choose a better reputation of the business activities involved, preferably for local businesses, can be verified in advance to the store.相关的主题文章: