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Do you choose Slim PS4 or Pro? The new PS4 models compared after nearly six months of rumors, the mystery has been dressed in PS NEO finally announced the same performance of the price is slightly higher, but the biggest feature is the 3+2 style of the shape of the host, SONY is not the Swiss law, in addition to previous exposure of the PS4 sheet also officially launched now, and will replace the thick version of PS4 gradually, so now to buy the host of friends may hesitate, PS4 can be a battle, PS4  Pro rookie listed, then we look at the comparison of these two. Of course, from the price point of view the Pro version to you $100, but a penny goods, from the Pro configuration, GPU upgrade as obvious, although still a customized version of AMD APU Polaris, but floating point capability has reached 4.2TFLOPS, than the ordinary version of the PS4 is about 2.3 times higher. In addition Pro can better support VR, 4K and HDR support. From the appearance point of view, feel that the two models are better than the original look pleasing to the eye, especially Pro’s "sunshine three fold", but it is also in order to take care of the new hardware cooling problems, to know the peak power consumption of Pro is 310W, compared to PS4 165W high nearly doubled. But the old and new models or belong to a community game library is shared, with the launch of a thin version of PS4, you can see that SONY has no plans to conduct comprehensive product upgrading, and review the PS4 host history sheet and a modified version of the old and new host will host It is often seen., co-exist for a long time, so the game player who in the choice of time to do some psychological.相关的主题文章: