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Domestic steel prices rose slightly   imported ore price action — lack of Finance — original title: domestic steel prices rose slightly on imported ore price action due to lack of inventory pressure, the supply side contraction expected strong, coupled with the front end of the billet prices rose, the domestic spot steel prices continue to rise, and rise slightly expanded. Imported iron ore price is the lack of action. According to the latest report of the domestic iron and steel information institutions, my steel provides the latest market, the recent week, the domestic spot steel composite index closed at 101 points, up by a week of 1.81%. At present, the black series futures prices fell after the high, but the steel billet price rose 100 yuan, reaching $2350, affected by this, the steel spot market prices continue to shock upstream. Many market participants believe that the steel market inventory pressure is acceptable, and the supply side contraction expected strong, steel mills have uplift of the latest factory price, optimistic about the "golden nine silver ten" demand, spot steel prices should be to stronger shocks mainly. According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price increase. In addition to the Lanzhou market prices steady, the general rise in the rest of the price, which Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang market prices rose in front. From the market situation in Shanghai and other places can be seen, prices continue to rise, but the transaction is not smooth, little change in inventory. In the plate market, prices are also rising. Hot rolled coil prices continue to rise sharply, in addition to the Chongqing market price consolidation, other areas t price week rose 40 yuan to 120 yuan, Kunming, Lanzhou market is up 200 yuan. Prices rose after the volume is relatively stable, but inventories are generally in a low consolidation state, the business mentality is. Plate prices continue to rise, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other places to rise 20 yuan per ton price a week to $80, the Kunming market is up 140 yuan. Around the market characteristics are almost the same: no significant changes in the supply and demand side, the market turnover in general, low inventory and strong cost is the two main factors. Although the iron ore market fluctuations, but the overall lack of action. According to the latest report of the west of the Shinkansen, on the domestic ore market, domestic iron ore prices rose significantly, Hebei, Anhui iron ore prices hit a new high this year, but the overall volume is small, the market strong wait-and-see attitude. Since August, imported ore prices around the price of $60 per ton finishing, rising power is always lacking. As of 25, Platts 62% grade ore import index closed at $60.95 per ton, compared with last month rose 0.95 dollars. At present the main iron ore port stocks remained at 1 tons above, if the country to implement the policy of limiting the production of steel, with foreign mining in earnings after shipments increased, imported ore prices continue to break through the resistance is still large. Relevant institutions analysts believe that the domestic steel prices in July to August the traditional off-season consumption rose sharply, promoting intensive largely due to "capacity to" policy, to a certain extent overdraft market expectations of the September season. Overall, the domestic steel market "straddle intertwined, steel price fluctuations quick switch" has become a norm, the price of steel as a whole)相关的主题文章: