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Dong Zijian and Sun Yizhen are together? The ambiguous response to users encounter Dong Zijian and Sun Yi on the plane Dong Zijian Sun Yi Dong Zijian Sun Yi (information) micro-blog users broke the news of Dong Zijian encounter [micro-blog] and Sun Yi on the plane before the Sina entertainment news, two people sit next to each other, when the plane is close together, move also makes outsiders have speculated whether two people are in love. In this regard, Sina entertainment call Dong Zijian and Sun Yi staff, results obtained by common consent response: not too personal to say, if you are in love, it’s normal, happy for them. Dong Zijian and Sun Yi two people of similar age, and suspected of having an ambiguous interaction on micro-blog. Sun Yi had previously issued a document on micro-blog goodbye difficult?" And Dong Zijian is suspected to send micro-blog empty response "difficult, the original life and the movie is not the same, I just want to enjoy the ordinary, some people would like to join me?"" Coupled with the exposure of the same machine accompanied by photos, these moves have been considered a lot of friends in the seal romance. The two sides on Sina entertainment response, almost unanimously. I said: "in response to Dong affairs not too involved, but this age love is quite normal, if together, or to be happy for them". Sun Yi’s staff also said, "about her private life, we do not have too much to intervene, but if she is in love, we feel normal, is a good thing for her, very happy for her." (commissioning editor: tie)相关的主题文章: