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Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 will be released formally – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car]2016 year in September 7th in November, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co. Ltd. Chengdu 4008 factory official line, 3008 new car overseas to build on the longer wheelbase, located in a compact SUV, and will be officially listed in November 2016. In addition, the Shenlong Automobile factory in Chengdu after being put into operation, is expected to reach a target of 360 thousand annual output. By the end of 2017 to achieve the first goal of the first 100 thousand. [related to leadership and the new Peugeot 4008 Photo]. Introduction: new Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 based on overseas new 3008 to build, and the difference is at home on the wheelbase has been lengthened, to meet the needs of domestic consumers need to take the space inside the car. In addition, the new car will provide 1.2T, 1.6T, 1.8T three different power for consumers to choose. New car is expected in November this year, officially listed. Appearance: the new car uses a Peugeot family’s new design language in appearance, the application of chrome grille matrix design, design and headlamps echoes. In addition, the headlight extends out of chrome trim through the A column has been to reach the rear, the outline of the entire vehicle is very good outline, showing its personality side. Body size: length and width of Dongfeng Peugeot was high in 4510× 1850× 1662mm (with luggage rack), wheelbase lengthened by up to 2mm, 55mm is a new generation of overseas Peugeot more than 3 thousand and 8, to obtain a more spacious seating space. Domestic car tail design is relatively straight, with a strong sense of hierarchy. Black trim throughout the entire tail, and the taillights included, but also makes the rear of the car has a higher visual center of gravity. In addition, after the siege, also joined the chrome trim thick decoration. Interior: Dongfeng Peugeot uses the Peugeot second generation "i-Cockpit" interior style, in the control of the driver side of the scorpion style. Peugeot is equipped with a lift type design of the 12.3 – Inch full – LCD instrument, this large – size LCD with a total of five display mode. The configuration, equipped with a full set of ADAS intelligent driver assistance system, including front collision warning, advanced emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree reverse image function, but the system is not expected to cover all models. Power: the new car will provide 1.2T, 1.6T, 1.8T three kinds of power equipment, which 1.2T engine maximum power output of 136 horsepower; 1.6T engine maximum power output of 167 horsepower; the maximum output power of 204 horsepower 1.8T engine.相关的主题文章: