Double 11 is coming, but your shopping cart is up to 70% or less mkdv-02

Double 11 to come but your shopping cart or pass rate of less than 70% when you lie in the winter quilt, when not even willing to reach out to, you might need a hand warmer. But if you know the truth, you might be a little scared — on the market 50% hand warmer with leakage risks. "Double eleven" is coming, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently announced the quality retroactive results selling consumer goods: after a month to buy (like online shopping), detection, electric hand warmer, electric faucet, gas stove, sports shoes and other 13 kinds of products in 621 batches, 232 batches of substandard the total pass rate of only 62.6%. The most worrying thing is the small electrical appliances. Electric faucet, hair dryer, hand warmer, indoor heaters, electric shavers, moveable lamp failure rate of 54.3%, the electric faucet and removable lamp two kinds of substandard products rate is more than 70%. Warm hand treasure can not be reassuring: 43 checks, 24 qualified, the pass rate is only 55%. Unqualified project, in addition to "signs and instructions" project, and relates to the national mandatory standards of security projects, such as creepage distance and clearance, external connection and internal wiring, protection against electric shock "- this will lead to the use of dangerous situations.

双11要来了 可是你购物车里的东西合格率或不到70%当你躺在冬天的棉被里,甚至都不愿意伸出手来的时候,你可能就更需要一个暖手宝。但是如果你知道了这个真相,你可能会有点后怕——市场上50%暖手宝有漏电隐患。“双十一”即将到来,省质监局近日公布了热销日用消费品的质量反溯结果:经过一个月的买样(网购)、检测,电热暖手器、电热水龙头、家用燃气灶、运动鞋等13种产品计621批次中,232批次不合格,总合格率仅62.6%。最让人担心的就是小电器。电热水龙头、电吹风、暖手器、室内加热器、电动剃须刀、可移动式灯具的不合格率为54.3%,电热水龙头和可移动式灯具两种产品的不合格率更是超过了70%。暖手宝也无法让人放心:抽查43个,有24个合格,合格率仅55%。不合格项目中,除了“标志和说明”项目外,还有涉及国家强制性标准的安全类项目,如“爬电距离和电气间隙”、“外部接线和内部接线”、“防触电保护”等——这将导致使用中危险情况的发生。相关的主题文章: