Double eleven preferential charm navigation intelligent vehicle recorder preferential debut-k9084

After eleven years of preferential market intelligence test and user feedback, charm air traffic recorder series has a good reputation in the industry. In addition, the speed of intelligent industry development is very fast, has ushered in an outbreak of the era, the charm Airlines tachograph from the rigid requirements of consumers, consumers in order to solve the practical problems, has won many fans. At present, the tachograph industry present situation of dragon hybrid, uneven quality, dealers will be difficult to choose when choosing partners also. The strategic layout of an interactive meters behind the focus will, quality, innovation, experience: shaping the core brand image, not only to provide a more rich system of product chain for the next line of dealers, but also to create a boutique, explosion recorder as the key to outperform the market in the future must be the quality recorder sustained, stable, and has the technical innovation ability of the enterprise, quality and security, human-computer interaction, security and other aspects of the user experience continues to bring good recorder, will undoubtedly become the market running champion, and the charm of navigation goal is through continuous efforts, from the top three industries to the industry benchmark. In the double eleven, the charm of space cat flagship store also made huge profits.     has been acclaimed MD2, in the MD2 above, we choose the CMOS series of high industry reputation is very good SONY imx178. 12.8 inches Full HD image sensor, the first choice of high-end unmanned aerial vehicles, WDR wide dynamic, 1080P high resolution, pixel size of 2.4 m* m 2.4. Professional data does not lead to the slightest doubt.     1 low bandwidth: the use of H.265 video coding compression and unique transmission technology, in a narrow network bandwidth conditions, the ability to transmit high-definition video surveillance signal, to maintain image clarity. In the actual test, the H.265 code is used in the transmission of 5 million dynamic video stream is only 4Mbps, while the H.264 technology requires 12Mbps, is H.265 times. 2 low storage: similarly, due to the low flow rate, H.265 coding technology in the same clarity and video time, video equipment energy consumption and space occupied only 13 of the ordinary camera products. 3 low illumination: because the use of SONY IMX178 minimum illumination reached 0.002lux (color) 0.001lux (Hei Bai), in the weak light is still able to capture the effect of high definition color image monitoring sensor. 4, the three stream: the output of the same code for the back end of the use of the main stream up to 2592× 1944, the sub stream of 1920× and 640× 360. This is the SONY imx178 in the case of full pixel, can maintain 14 bit ADC, a high reading rate of 30 frames per second, with high resolution, high sensitivity, high dynamic range. When driving the shooting plus clear.相关的主题文章: