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"Driving" very open second station Hu Xia is the "God" – Hu Xia Hu Xia Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news October 12th 22:00, Anhui TV, China’s first file star in third public self driving program "driving" will usher in the third period. In last week’s program, Li Rui with self driving group members feel the cultural charm of Chongqing – Wulong impression, but in this episode, singer and actor Hu Xia as the second host station portrait of joining, he will lead the 5 self driving members in a "Jiangnan" reputation of the Ningxia Regional Centre feel the local magic most of the characteristics of the local customs and practices. In this issue of the "very driving period", Hu Xia and the members of the drive through the desert, grasslands, the Yellow River and mountains. In addition to pleasant scenery, but also to the self driving tour members brought a thrilling episode. The car encountered torrent in uninhabited areas into the valley began to bump up, for the safety of everyone, the intimate Hu Xia decided to change the route, the new route is a one-way street and one car wide, with water and mud, it is to a great extent, test driving skills, as the host of Hu Xia the initiative to assume the responsibility of drivers, to ensure the safety of the situation, through a variety of road obstacles, self driving tour members have praised Hu Xia’s skill in the car, and named him "cheshen". Hu Xia has repeatedly revealed that he particularly likes the car, the dream is to become a real racing driver. He said. "If there is a chance, I hope to be able to play the role of the driver in the film and television works." His love of racing driver. At the end of a thrilling Canyon wading, Hu Xia with self driving tour members came through Lake prairie and pleasant scenery, experience the local Mongolian folk customs, want to know Hu Xia and self driving tour members during the journey also encounter the scenery and difficulties, please lock this Saturday 22:00 "is driving".相关的主题文章: