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"Drunkard" with   "Zuisi femoral head – Food Channel — people.com.cn original title:" drunkard "with" Zuisi femoral head "eleven" period, family and friends reunion, avoid wine and dine together. Drink too much stomach liver injury, even died of alcohol poisoning, many people are aware of this truth. But you may not know that a large number of long-term drinking, but also lead to necrosis of the femoral head, resulting in lifelong disability. 35 year old Lee is a project manager, often drinking a glass of wine for a project with a client of ten meals a day at the end of the year. Last year, he always felt pain in his legs, but when the symptoms are light weight, thought it was too tired to lead, it did not matter. Can be more serious in the past six months, go to the hospital and found that he suffered from bilateral femoral head necrosis. The femoral head is supporting the body on the upper part of the two bones below the specific location in the pelvis and pelvis where a side of the acetabulum, two femoral head and acetabulum with just play the role of supporting the upper body. The femur is the most important skeleton of the human body, the femoral head is more important, people’s upright walking, activity, labor rely on the support of the femoral head. Therefore, the femoral head is the most vulnerable site. A large number of long-term alcohol consumption will cause the body’s alcohol savings, resulting in abnormal lipid metabolism, increase blood viscosity, resulting in the femoral head microcirculation disorder, resulting in bone tissue is not sufficient nutrition supply and necrosis. Foreign studies show that the weekly intake of alcohol is greater than 400 ml, the risk of osteonecrosis of the femoral head increased by a factor of 9.8. Domestic survey shows that alcoholism is an important cause of avascular necrosis of the femoral head, accounting for 40% of non traumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head. This kind of patient every day to drink more than 342 or even a pound of wine, drinking history more than 10 years. Early treatment can reduce the risk of disability in general, bone tissue necrosis occurs quickly, no blood supply to the bone tissue is only less than 24 hours of death. With the increasing of the area of necrosis, bone structure residual can not maintain the femoral head function, femoral head will collapse, uneven surface, in the course of time the whole hip joint morphology changes. Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital orthopedic department doctor suggested that the early symptoms of femoral head necrosis is not obvious, so it is not easy to find and diagnosed, the loss of the best treatment time. A large number of long-term drinkers occasionally find the root of the thigh, buttocks, thigh deep front, knee pain, activity obviously, after the break will be eased, turning the pain at night, should be promptly to the regular hospital department of orthopedics, medical treatment, early detection and early treatment, reduce the risk of disability. In general, for patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head in the early and middle stages, conservative treatment is used to relieve the pain and improve the function of the patients with femoral head collapse. Specific treatment plan, the doctor will be based on the patient’s situation. In daily life, we should pay attention to the protection of bone health: health drink; diet increased calcium intake, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; sun, often before exercise activities; make full preparations to feel the hip, body fever, limbs flexible degree; and carry the weight back to avoid the hip sprain, try not doing heavy work. (North)相关的主题文章: