Earn one hundred million a year in the stock can have 100 thousand principal premise is gamelink

Earn one hundred million a year in the A shares can be: if there are 100 thousand principal Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu Author: Tianyuan sina finance news recently in August 30th Wang Jianlin’s "one hundred million" scripts maxed out the social network, people not only feel the gap between the human and human is so large that it came to a conclusion: money is not everything, money is wanda. However, as an ordinary A shares of investors, want to complete 1 years to earn a feat of 1 hundred million, in theory it is possible. If you have 100 thousand of the principal, do not need to be in the past 1 years, only about 10 months! In January bought Adams (January 12th – January 25th doubled): 100 thousand *2=20 million in February to buy shenshenbao (January 28th – February 16th double): 200 thousand *2=40 million in March to buy a few sources of Technology (March 11th – March 24th double): 400 thousand *2=80 million in April to buy SinoWealth (March 29th – May 5th doubled): 800 thousand *2=160 million shares (May 10th – May Maike constant June 8th: 1 million 600 thousand) double *2=320 million in June to buy Huangshanghuang (June 13th – July 6th double): 3 million 200 thousand *2=640 million in July to buy Dongxu photoelectric: (July 6th – July 27th nearly doubled): 6 million 400 thousand *2=1280 million in August to buy Langfang development: (July 29th – August 18th close to 3 times): 12 million 800 thousand *2=2560 million in September to buy XXXX:2560 million *2=5120 million XXXX:5120*2=10240 million in October to buy (one hundred million) sounds It’s easy to look at it, but here it is to say that it is possible in theory, in theory, in theory, and in 3 important things! The Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities have nearly 3000 stocks, small rough calculation, if the probability caught one and can hold the whole double Niugu period is 0.01%, grasp the 10 probability of the continuous doubling stocks will be after the decimal point with 36 zeros. That is, if you try once every 1 seconds, about 300 years to try this is not possible, humans can understand within the scope of the. So the old saying goes, steadfast, honest stock, set a goal of their own losses: first say! Scan code attention sina finance, money one step ahead. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: