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Economical and practical 4 new hybrid electric car recommended Phoenix car guide: Shenzhen oil electric hybrid car compared with traditional fuel vehicles, a gasoline electric hybrid vehicles and used conventional gasoline vehicles and can save fuel not much difference between, many in daily use; on the other hand, many car companies to occupy the market provide maintenance or price concessions for hybrid vehicle. The small selection of 4 economic and practical face of the car, we want to help Car Buying: Economic and practical 4 petrol electric midsize car recommended unit: million models MSRP price preferential car inquiry Guangzhou TOYOTA 4S shop – Camry details 18.48-32.98 1 inquiry small car SAIC Buick – 4000681313 turn 8609 the details of 17.89-27.99 0 inquiry 4000681313 to 8560 small car Dongfeng Yueda KIA -K5 details 15.98-23.98 2 inquiry small car 0755-89731278 Beijing modern – Sonata details 17.48-24.98 2.5 inquiry small car 0755-84864988 tab: Phoenix car – Guangzhou TOYOTA Camry guide price: 18.48-32.98 million 2015 TOYOTA Camry 2.0E Elite Edition Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor from Shenzhen Shenzhen Guangzhou TOYOTA everlucky Enterprises That lake 4S shop at the store, the Camry models have a small car in the sale, Car Buying all of the major benefits of 10 thousand yuan, to the store to get more gifts. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the latest price change quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 2.0E D-4S Elite Edition 18.78 17.78 inquiry of 1 small car 2016 2.0G D-4S version of the 19.58 leading 18.58 inquiry of 1 small car 2016 2.0S D-4S version of the 20.28 atom 19.28 inquiry 1 small car 2016 2.0G D-4S Deluxe Edition 20.58 19.58 inquiry of 1 small car 2016 2.5G deluxe version of the navigation 21.98 20.98 inquiry 1 small car 2016 2.5S atom navigation version 22.28 21.28 inquiry of 1 small car 2016 2.5Q ultimate 29.28 28.28 inquiry of 1 small car 2016 2.5HG deluxe version of the navigation 25.98 24.98 inquiry 1 small car 2016 2.5HQ ultimate 32.98 31.98 1 inquiry a small car more discount please contact the dealer car相关的主题文章: