Electricity supplier + live also can fire how long the business model is difficult to continue fifa14下载

"Electricity + live" can fire long business model unsustainable domestic electricity providers have launched the live channel experts said it is difficult to form a stable business model "electricity + live" can fire long JINGWAH times cartography Yang Jianing September 9th SARFT issued new regulations, requirements of broadcast mechanism "posts", which has just become popular live electricity supplier marketing tool it will increase the threshold, but also let people pay attention to the "hot industry supplier + live". 2016 is known as the first year of the webcast, with a large number of net red and the effect of the live broadcast of the star, good at the electricity supplier to quickly see the business opportunities. At present, Tmall and suning.com have on-line broadcast, Jingdong is also coming on-line broadcast channel. Insiders believe that the audience can not only attract users through content, but also to improve the conversion rate, allowing users to buy while watching. It was also suggested that the composition of a large audience speculation, it is difficult to form a normal. In the case of direct marketing moreish at 11 in the evening, Li lie on the pillow of the chair acetify chin, while using a mobile phone Taobao brush "must buy" list, while waiting for Wowkie Zhang and Joker live. As the two "Star Community Satin hand" Fan Li look forward to watching them on live wipe out what kind of spark comedy. Like Li, there are tens of thousands of fans waiting at the same time. It is reported that the live preview of the video, Tmall reached about 28000000 times. The program began immediately, Mike switch to live entrance. Mobile phone screen lens gradually narrowed, Wowkie Zhang and Joker lounging on the sofa, the interpretation of the popular "Ge You lay". Placed in front of them a table of Oreo cookies is the theme of this live. Kobe Wowkie Zhang, Joker sold two adorable, echoed each other, with cookies when doing a variety of small game props. Barrage, fans have thrown two piece hand comments. With the show, the show on the phone to watch the audience gradually rising. Through live interaction with the stars, Li involuntarily in the course of the broadcast to buy a new Oreo 3 boxes. According to the data provided by Tmall, in the 1 hours of the live process, fans interact to reach about 3000000 times, breaking the previous record of Tmall live. Oreo brand in the same day, Tmall’s full channel sales, but also an increase of 6 times more than usual, the activities of the fans to get the average daily gain of this year is 15 times. In the electricity supplier industry have launched the live case just recently electricity providers use to live a fun new marketing feature. In fact, this year, the major domestic electricity providers have turned their attention to the network red and live. July 6th, Tmall mobile APP live online. Backed by Ali "watch and buy" function, let the user does not exit the live case, can direct orders to buy the products recommended by the anchor. Prior to this, after two months of trial operation, the phone Taobao’s live broadcast platform earlier. The two are positioned as consumer live, covering the mother and baby, beauty, tide ride, food, sports and fitness category. During the period of "6, 18", the first discussion of Su Ning相关的主题文章: