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Eleven in the final examination, how to win the rookie "level one billion" logistics war? Sohu technology double eleven online shopping Carnival approaching, the major electricity supplier platform has entered the preparation model. In anticipation of the major platforms and show an unprecedented sales, consumers may be more concerned about what "when I bought the goods will arrive?" The eleven is a double test, development and opportunity China logistics industry benefited from the electricity supplier, while the double eleven is accelerating the evolution of logistics China catalyst. In fact, the annual double eleven each year to the logistics industry caused a huge challenge. Last year, only Tmall, Taobao in November 11th the same day hit a turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan and a total of 467 million logistics orders. According to the State Post Bureau forecast data, this year during the eleven double, the courier industry will express the volume of more than 1 billion. According to statistics, this year the industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line staff into the double eleven express service, compared with last year, an increase of more than 50%, the backbone of the vehicle grew by about 59%, air capacity increased by about 40%. However, only through the increase in manpower, there is no way to improve the efficiency of the entire logistics operation. To a certain extent, the promotion of the whole industry to improve the efficiency of delivery thinking. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong in a speech shortly before the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics said that the essence of double eleven is "to consumer demand and the demand to look forward to in the same day, the integration of supply to this day, the peak at the highest point of the supply and demand matching, are in fact behind the Internet principle." But it is also experienced in the past few years during the explosive growth of eleven double the volume of the test, so that the Chinese market has made a lot of world-class logistics company. Compared to the United States logistics has 100 years of development, in 80s Chinese century began to pay attention to logistics, but it is only 10 years of development, Chinese express industry has been completed to surpass the United States 100 years accumulated. A set of data show that in 2015 China’s economic growth is slowing down year, but the courier industry is still maintained a high growth rate of more than 30%. 2014, China’s express industry volume of about 14 billion, surpassing the United States to become the world’s first. And in 2015 the annual business volume of 20 billion 500 million, continue to maintain a high growth rate of more than 40%. Rookie VS Jingdong: the model for ten times the gap behind remember Ma said in a keynote speech at the global summit held in Hangzhou this year, wisdom logistics yunqi town when we talk about "electronic commerce in China is a miracle, a miracle in the world, but I personally think that the logistics industry truly Chinese is born in the past ten years the most amazing." Not long ago, the Chinese express delivery officially listed on the NYSE, the final issue price of $19.5 shares, corresponding to the market value of more than $12 billion, which has become the largest U.S. IPO. As in listing, SF, tact and Shentong backdoor have approved, the courier industry has entered the era of capital. Have tact, SF, in a congregation of tens of billions, hundreds of billions of market capitalization of the company, in fact, it is this miracle.相关的主题文章: