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Encounter "brake failure" how to do? Do not turn the tide! – active and passive safety car Sohu has been particularly concerned about the vast number of consumers, many owners in the car are tangled to buy a car model equipped with several airbags, rear side curtain airbags have, there is no ESP, and no active safety device and so on, of course, these security configuration is priced not with the car open, general active security configuration High models belong to the high-end models, not all consumers can consume. In fact, the safety of the car in the final analysis is to comply with traffic rules, the car seat belt to ensure safety. Today, I would like to chat with you, if the brakes fail, as a driver, how would you do? The brake system is the active safety technology of a car the most basic, the most important and the core of the general automotive brake does not appear the phenomenon of failure, because before the car production must pass the durability test, brake test and so on, but if it will not be rolled back to the situation, so you should understand the brakes after very important how to do. 1 state of mind when the brake system failure, the driver must be calm, do not panic because of the control of the hands and feet, do not because of a brake failure and a random step, it is counterproductive. Calm, calm, adjust the mentality, in order to minimize the loss. 2 open the double flash, warning other vehicles in the braking failure of emergency situations, the first time should open the double flash warning other vehicles, do not blindly follow. Other vehicles to see you open the double flash, you understand the problem of the car, you will stay alert as far as possible to avoid you, then the owner is considering how to slow down. 3 repeated brakes on when the brake pedal is invalid, the owner will be under the general awareness of the many brakes on this helps to re-establish the brakes, through repeated pressure can increase the braking force of the chance of recovery (typically second or third can restore the brake, even as part of the brake line) the oil can also increase the braking force (some models). 4 the use of engine braking for automatic transmission models, the first reaction must be closed throttle, the use of the engine’s low speed to drag the gearbox to achieve the purpose of reducing gear. As for manual models, the operation is more difficult, because of the relatively high speed of the case is difficult to hang into the low, the driver needs to fill oil, high engine speed, blasted the synchronizer, forcing the low level, but it has some damage to the engine and the clutch, but special circumstances must be decisive take measures, after all life more valuable. 5 pull the handbrake deceleration if after the above points, the brake is still not restored, the speed is still fast, you need to take the hand brake deceleration, but should pay attention to 2 points: 1 not a drop or pull the handbrake end too fast. Because the speed, inertia and other reasons, once the brake pulled too fast, too, will cause the rope jumping off the handbrake is completely lost, so it should be slowly forced, slowly pull the handbrake end. 2 handle Shashi, try not to pursuit direction, otherwise the wheel itself has been locked, it is easy to prepare相关的主题文章: