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Customer Service An organizations success depends upon many factors. One being the ability to gain customer loyalty which is the direct result of enriching customer experience. Though it takes a lot of effort, direct marketing services can help in giving the personalised care and attention to the customers which they expect. Direct marketing services are a way to judge the response and behaviour of the customer via direct mails, calls, pamphlets, telemarketing, voicemail marketing, couponing and such other modes which involve no intermediary in the .munication pathway. Gaining access to the customer experience is an ongoing journey and an organization needs to constantly monitor the feedback from its customers. The driving force behind direct marketing services is that it aims to track positive, rather negative feedbacks. Lets have a look at how a customer experience expert performs his duties with respect to direct marketing services are listed below: * Direct marketing services, being straight away directed to the ultimate customer, require a certain degree of politeness and .munication skill, be it written mail or telemarketing. The customer experience expert knows exactly the words which are to be used and in the desired manner. * It requires some sort of research as to what are the potential groups of customers which can be attracted using direct marketing services. It is not that these services are for free and no .anization would like to spend on unprofitable customers. The customer experience expert studies the prospective groups and then targets his plans upon them. * The story does not end at directing the mails and phone calls to customers. A proper reporting and tracking system has to be developed to gauze the success rate of the services used. Moreover, to detect any errors, a defect removal system has to be installed. * A customer experience expert may not necessarily be from the same .anization. He can be from a third party or even a freelance. The only thing that matters is his capability to go as deep into consumer behaviour as he can to know about the customers perceptions and suggest changes in the .anizational strategy accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: