Expert interpretation of the significance of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Latin America-douke

Experts interpret President Xi Jinping’s visit to Latin America, meaning the news agency of the new network in November 15 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liang Xiaohui) Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit the Ecuador, Peru and Chile, Academy of Social Sciences researcher, Chinese China Association of Latin American vice Yangtze River Science 15 in Beijing said that the visit will highlight the significance of the three aspects. On the same day, China news agency held a seminar, invited the background and significance of Jiang Shixue is president Xi Jinping’s visit to Latin america. The role and influence of the high-level visits in the state exchanges should not be underestimated." Jiang said, the president Xi Jinping’s visit to Chinese and first to enhance bilateral relations with china. He said that Ecuador, Peru and Chile are an important representative of the Latin American countries, and Chinese traditional friendship. Among them, President Xi Jinping’s visit is in the past 36 years Chinese heads of the first visit to Ecuador, historic significance; Peru is the only Latin American Chinese and the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership and signed a national free trade agreement, Peru’s first national president Kuczynski took office after the visit is Chinese, also shows the relationship between the two countries is not general; in Chile and Chinese exchanges, set a "first", including the first China joined WTO and China signed a bilateral agreement, the first Chinese signed a free trade agreement and other Latin American countries. "President Xi Jinping’s visit will greatly promote the relationship between Chinese and three." Jiang said. Secondly, chairman Xi Jinping’s visit will help to deepen bilateral cooperation. Jiang Shi said, "during the high-level visits, there are often many cooperation agreements to be implemented." China official said earlier, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the three countries, will focus on the improvement of bilateral free trade arrangements, to develop e-commerce, production capacity and Industrial Park, infrastructure construction and other areas of cooperation, is expected to make achievements in many aspects, and signed the relevant cooperation documents. "President Xi Jinping’s visit to the host country and to introduce domestic and foreign Chinese." Jiang’s theory, with the improvement of China’s international status, the curiosity of the outside world to China will rise, is willing to understand China through various channels. He said that in his communication with Latin American officials, scholars found that the other side of China’s development, development experience, and very concerned about, and hope to learn from China’s development of good practice. China has been happy to introduce itself to the world and share experiences. He believes that President Xi Jinping’s visit is undoubtedly a great opportunity to expand in Latin American countries and China mutual understanding. (end)相关的主题文章: