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Experts say Fujian will not have destructive earthquakes in the near future – Sohu news at 3:57 am on February 6th, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on Taiwan, Kaohsiung. The picture shows the collapse of a tall building in Yongkang District, Tainan City, where the firefighters rescued the trapped residents on the spot. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo Beijing, Fuzhou in February 6,   (reporter Long Min) Fujian Provincial Seismological Bureau reported 6 days, Taiwan city of Kaohsiung after the 6.7 earthquake, the Bureau immediately convened an emergency meeting by the chamber of Commerce, consultation with experts think: Fujian Province recently found no anomalies, the recent devastating earthquake does not occur the development of dynamic, but will continue to pay close attention to the seismic activity in Fujian province. According to the analysis of historical seismicity, tectonic setting and earthquake precursors, there is still a possibility of strong aftershocks of about 6 magnitude in Taiwan area, which will not cause damage to Fujian province. 6 at 3:57 in the morning, Taiwan, Kaohsiung earthquake occurred in 6.7 (Taiwan meteorological department informed that the 6.4 earthquake), and Taiwan, Fujian, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and other earthquake associated with a significant sense of earthquake. Fujian earthquake bureau has started the emergency response plan. The intensity distribution map of seismic instruments made by the Fujian earthquake network shows that the highest intensity of the epicenter is 8 degrees, and the intensity of the highest intensity of the cities along the coast of Pingtan, Fuqing and Taipei is the same as that of the Fujian City, which is 3 degrees. Author: Long Min 专家称福建近期不会发生破坏性地震-搜狐新闻   2月6日凌晨3时57分许,台湾高雄发生里氏规模6.4级地震。图为台南市永康区永大路一处高楼在地震中倒塌,消防人员在现场营救受困居民。 中新社记者 刘舒凌 摄   中新网福州2月6日电  (记者 龙敏)福建省地震局6日通报,台湾高雄市发生6.7级地震后,该局立即召开紧急会商会,经专家会商认为:福建省近期未发现前兆异常,近期不会发生破坏性地震,但仍将密切关注福建省地震活动的发展动态。  通报称,根据历史地震活动性、构造背景和地震前兆分析,台湾地区仍存在发生6级左右强余震可能性,对福建省不会造成破坏。  6日凌晨3时57分,台湾高雄市发生6.7级地震(台湾气象部门通报为6.4级地震),与台湾一水相连的福建厦门、泉州、福州等地震感明显。  福建省地震局已启动Ⅴ级应急响应预案。  由福建地震台网制作的地震仪器烈度分布图显示,震中最高烈度为8度,福建沿海平潭、福清等城市与台北市受影响最高烈度同为3度。  作者:龙敏相关的主题文章: