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Exposure Baoqiang Wang divorce court in October 18th or both appeared – Sohu   entertainment; Baoqiang Wang divorce storm first unveiled news in October 10th, caught in the door to divorce Baoqiang Wang first appeared in front of the public, said his divorce by law, at the same time he states believe that the law of justice, in this regard, many people have said to eat melon, see Baoqiang Wang’s new film producer Ma Rong will not "rest assured". But then, Baoqiang Wang’s divorce lawsuit in the end how ah? It is reported that Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce in October 18th will be the first "appear" — on the same day the court organization of both the pretrial conference and exchange of evidence. At the same time, the Supreme Court recently on a party in the marriage divorce during the transfer of property will be sentenced to cleanse the case guiding households, may also be the case by reference. Baoqiang Wang’s marriage first sound: believe that the law in October 10th, Baoqiang Wang directed the film "havoc" Tianzhu held a press conference in Beijing, which also became his first public appearance in the battle after divorce. The end of the conference, he told the media event of divorce statement: "great changes have taken place in my life, my condition is not very good, (this) pain in every person (not good), not to feel in my body, I feel really hard to survive. But I have to convince himself, (especially) think of the parents and two children. I still believe that there are many good people in the world, I believe that the good, I will cheer up, and many friends are helping me, I have seen in my heart, help me gradually out of the shadows. In fact, my response to the law, I believe that the law will be fair and just. No matter what happens, I will be strong to survive, will be back into work, I can not at this time to the beat. Life will encounter a lot of things that do not know, encountered on their own, to find a way out of the past, everything will be good, in China is the law, I believe that the law." Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong appeared courtroom or the reputation infringement cases of divorce cases and Ma Rong sued Baoqiang Wang Baoqiang Wang sue Ma Rong were set for the first time in the court hearing, in October 18th on the same day, the court scheduled for pre-trial conference between the parties in evidence exchange. From the current situation for both sides to see, the divorce case evidence will have some more than defamation case evidence, involving the partitioning of property and child rearing problems such as divorce case, if no accident, it will be a protracted war ". And due to the special nature of the divorce lawsuit, I personally requested to confirm the wishes of the divorce, therefore, in October 18th when the court, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong may also personally present. [analysis] "get out" will fall in Ma Rong body? During the October 5th holiday, the media announced the Supreme People’s Court issued the fourteenth batch of 5 guiding cases for people’s courts at all levels to trial similar cases. Guiding case No. 66, Lei Moumou song song Moumou divorce dispute case, the plaintiff Moumou (female) and the defendant song Moumou divorce due to feelings of divorce. Song so and so相关的主题文章: