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Fiinovation Reviews – Is It Ache Din For Farmers In The Country? By: Anand Kumar | Feb 11th 2016 – Fiinovation understands that more private sector money has been invested to upgrade the status of the sector. However, there are still numerous opportunity that is yet to be tapped. Tags: Fiinovation Reviews Warmer Winters & Food Security By: Anand Kumar | Feb 1st 2016 – Fiinovation reviews that the average temperature has increase by more than 0.5 degrees and the maximum temperatures has also been on the higher side. Tags: Fiinovation – Food Inflation In India By: Anand Kumar | Nov 18th 2015 – Fiinovation realises that monsoon could also be attributed towards rising food prices occasionally in the short-run, but do no have a long term impact on the food prices. Tags: Fiinovation "�" National Food Security Act By: Anand Kumar | Nov 10th 2015 – Fiinovation believes that although the Food Security Bill seems to be noble however, it is a matter of concern seeing the current state of India"��s economy. Tags: Fiinovation – Nature, Tourism & Ecological Conservation By: Anand Kumar | Jul 29th 2015 – Fiinovation – All these seems to be a very good opportunity for the livelihood of the locals and economy of the district, however, if it’s not planned well, it could be a disaster in the making. Tags: Fiinovation – Land Encroachment- A Threat To Urban Development By: Anand Kumar | Jul 24th 2015 – Fiinovation suggest that the government of India must take steps to fight against urban encroachment to realize its dream of ‘smart cities’. Tags: Fiinovation: The Billionaire Villages By: Anand Kumar | Jul 20th 2015 – Fiinovation, a CSR based consultancy in India, suggests that other rural areas and villages should take this learning and invite NRIs from different regions to initiate a similar model. Tags: Fiinovation: Ecotourism – A Step Towards Achieving Sustainability! By: Anand Kumar | Feb 3rd 2015 – Fiinovation – With rapid economic development, tourism is subsequently gaining high potential mainly among the middle and high class society, thereby creating a high pressure on the natural resources. Tags: Fiinovation – Tele-education Through Satellite Technology By: Mousumi Das | Jan 7th 2015 – Fiinovation – The State government in Andhra Pradesh has set up an expert .mittee to explore the possibilities of establishing infrastructure for satellite based technologies to cover remote villages which have so far remained isolated due to difficult geographic terrains. Tags: Ict An Innovative Tool For Women"��s Empowerment By Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd By: Anand Kumar | Nov 18th 2014 – Innovative Financial Advisors PVT Ltd – The informal sector in India accounts for 90% of women indulging in economic activities. Tags: Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. – Un Report Suggests, Climate Change Impact "��irreversible" By: Anand Kumar | Nov 18th 2014 – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. suggests that though India is low on carbon emission but will soon be regarded as one of the major emitters if the emissions are not cut short. Tags: Fiinovation – An Analysis Of The National Anti Tobacco Programme By: Anand Kumar | Aug 12th 2014 – Fiinovation research reveal over 5,500 adolescents are addicted to tobacco and joining the bandwagon of 4 million underage youth. The death toll is expected to rise to 13.3% in 2020. Tags: Development Haven’t Reached The Tiger Terrain – Fiinovation By: Anand Kumar | Jun 13th 2014 – As per Fiinovation, Royal Bengal Tiger attacks local villagers when they stepping into their territory. Fiinovation suggest that save the habitat of tigers. Fiinovation works for sustainable development where all living being are live peacefully. Tags: 相关的主题文章: