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While external first aid training courses have their supporters, there are strong arguments in support of managed on-site first aid training, because it can be tailored to suit the industry, location and the First Aider student. Alsco Training (Alscotraining…au) says on-site trainers can assess the likely skills needed by the First Aider trainee. This assessment can lead to more job or site-specific training because of the increased risk of, for example, industrial accidents. The on-site trainer also can inspect first aid kits and ensure there are enough kits for the number of employees at the facility and that their contents are appropriate for the business. But regardless of where and how first aid training is provided, it is important to understand that not all courses are the same. What First Aiders do or dont learn can mean the difference between saving a life – or not. Questions that an organisation might ask ahead of selecting a managed first aid training provider could include: 1. Does the provider require my staff to .plete any reading material before the course starts? 1. Is the course on offer fully accredited in Australia? 3. Do the trainers have Australian experience? 4. How large will the class sizes be (will my employees receive one-on-one instruction if they need it?) 5. Will I have to pay more to train new First Aiders if my trained employees leave or are on holiday? 6. Is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training offered on a dummy patient? (If not, check the .panys accreditation.) 7. Will my .pany receive coursework, a book and or electronic fact sheets after the training? Are there additional costs incurred for these aids? 8. Once examinations and assessments are .pleted, how quickly can we expect to receive certificates of achievement? (Some .panies have been known to take weeks to .plete paperwork.) 9. Does my firm have to .mit to a minimum number of trainees? 10. Will courses run with no minimum number of trainees? 11. What levels of after-course support are offered? 12. Will all First Aider trainees receive automatic reminders when retraining is due? Once the decision is made to work with an accredited managed training firm, the benefits begin almost at once. Some research indicates first aid training not only minimises the impact of workplace injuries, it can actually reduce on-the-job injuries because First Aiders proactively warn their fellow employees about potentially dangerous work practices. Other benefits include: – All employees be.e more safety aware, helping bring down the number of accidents. – First aid saves lives, particularly where there are grave injuries and it is critical that immediate action is taken. – First aid training doesnt have to take a long time, some managed training courses are only a few hours long. – First Aider trainees know exactly whats in their first aid kits, how to use the contents and the various ways to react in an emergency. – The training gives First Aiders critical knowledge and the confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear or confusion. – They learn how to give injections, use painkillers, bandage injuries and control blood flow. First aid kits are central to first aid training and should be well-organised and easily accessed. They are needed everywhere – at home, in schools and most importantly, in cars. In a basic first aid kit, the following contents are suggested: 1) One or two crepe bandages 2) One or two elastic bandages 3) One pair of scissors 4) Safety pins so the crepe bandages can be properly attached 5) Towels and alcohol swabs for wiping wounds 6) At least one pair of medical gloves 7) A few un-medicated bandage strips 8) A booklet and pen (so the First Aider can take notes on what treatment has been applied). 9) A few hand towels. 10) Medicines such as painkillers, aspirin and anti allergenics. If your .pany is interested in a managed first aid training solution, call 1300 651 706 for further information or to book an on-site survey with one of our consultants. Reasons To Make Use Of A Limo Service By: Kain Black – Los Angeles Limo Service is one of the top limo service,offering professional and reliable luxury transportation Los Angeles CA. 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