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As the base of Taiwan based dynamic reform development accumulation potential original title: to reform the base station makes the product development dynamic barrier thickness for a potential — Study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the central deep restructuring of the twenty-seventh meeting of the important speech of the author: Xinhua commentator, the pace of reform in our era, the development of world without end. "Pay more attention to play the role of economic reform traction, more targeted to solve the contradictions and problems in all aspects of all levels in various fields, at the twenty-seventh meeting of the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed the reform to strengthen the foundation, focus on integration, perfect mechanism, strict supervision, clear focus and difficult point catch, catch, pilot inspectors, grasping propaganda work, as we continue to improve the reform of precision, fine level, in accordance with the established timetable and roadmap for reform direction. If three years into. The party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee overall deepening reform of the horn sounded, the past three years, a breakthrough in the reform of key areas and key links, the main framework of comprehensive deepening reform, comprehensive law is gradually established. From the reform of the judicial system to reform the household registration system, from the medical and health system reform to the reform of national defense and military reform, the real thing, make snap to break through some, in the past that can not break through the barrier, has solved some years to solve but unsolved problems. Look at the direction of reform and development, the current and future periods, the peak of construction, deepening the reform of the implementation of the reform tasks in the crucial period to complete the arduous task of good grasp planning, overall grasp, implement, can let the development base of Taiwan, RAM based thick potential for reform, to push forward the cause of reform. To further deepen the reform, the need to highlight the problem oriented, emphasizing the difficulties, make up the short board. Kenyinggutou, battle call, moving cheese, is characteristic of a new round of reform. From the supply side to strengthen structural reforms to promote the decentralization reform, to deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, education and other fields, with years of accumulated ills, interests curing barriers do not touch the difficulties, it is not reform, do not hit the pain point, it is difficult to see the result. Only the word, breaking the difficulties, problems and reform flashed sword, the reform has not yet been launched to speed up the reform has launched a breakthrough, to accelerate the implementation of landing, to change into practice, effect. To further deepen the reform, we need to encourage exploration and innovation, focusing on the pilot, seeking breakthrough. Rely on the pilot to explore the path of reform, to focus on the overall situation of the breakthrough, is an important step to deepen reform. And the initiative to converge, and promote the reform, the current reform of scientific and standardized level of continuous improvement, so that the reform is not only to expand the space for innovation, but also follow the rule of law track forward. Enter the deepwater area of reform, strengthen overall pilot work, timely assessment of the effectiveness of the pilot, experience and problems, to prove the effective experience and practice in application, can from point to surface, the key breakthrough, the formation of the overall effect. Further deepen the reform, the need to make good use of forced pressure, focus on supervision, to promote the implementation of. In fact, reforms to tackle tough, focusing on the real, in. To ensure that reforms are implemented, will be from the governor task, the progress of the governor, governor, Hao effect相关的主题文章: