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Foreign media: Su delivered within 35 years China Russia hopes China to the trouble of Sohu – Military Channel Map: Russian Su -35 aircraft to perform in the opening ceremony of the show. Reference News Network reported on September 20th: foreign media said that Russian officials said that China will be the end of this year, the first batch of Su -35 fighter. Su -35 fighter transactions have lasted for many years, after the signing of the contract, the Russian officials often contradictory. However, analysts said that with the provision of advanced fighter aircraft to China, Russia can make China more confrontation with the United States in the Pacific region. According to voice of America radio website reported on September 16th, Russia’s Khabarovsk Region Chief Executive shport said that before the end of this year, Russia will deliver the first batch of 4 Sukhoi -35 fighters to Chinese, the rest of the 20 frame sue -35 aircraft will be delivered in 2017 and 2018 Chinese. China signed a total of more than $2 billion contract with Russia in the fall of last year, a total purchase of 24 Su -35 fighter. All of these aircraft is located in Khabarovsk Krai in the city of Komsomolsk on Amur aircraft factory production. The plant is considered to be one of the most modern aircraft manufacturing companies in russia. Tailored for China, said the report, Su -35 fighter aircraft with fifth generations of part of the performance. Military analysts say China made a lot of technical improvements in Su -35 fighter in the negotiations, this group of Su -35 fighter is built specifically for Chinese tailored. There are also media that, due to the development of aero engines is not smooth, China’s procurement of Soviet -35 fighter is a major objective to study the equipment in this aircraft on the new aircraft engine. There are also many comments in Russia, China will imitate the same as the Soviet Union -27 imitation Su -35. However, many aspects of China’s military in the future may still rely on russia. Military commentators Kashin believes that Russia is currently in the same Chinese arms deal still very confident. Kashin said: "Chinese in the development of military science and technology itself is also facing many problems. So, as long as Russia continues to invest in the field of military industry, continue to maintain large-scale investment, Russia has the confidence to continue to maintain a leading position in china." But Cashin also believes that in the international arms market, Russia is now feeling the pressure of competition from China is also increasing. Reported that China and Russia around the Soviet Union -35 fighter trade negotiations have lasted for many years, which twists and turns. Even after the two sides signed the contract, senior officials of Russia’s public statement often contradictory. Earlier this year, Russian officials stressed that the delivery of the Soviet Union -35 aircraft will not delay, the end of the first batch of aircraft will be delivered to china. But the monopoly of military enterprises of the Russian technology group president Chemezov said in March this year in Russia can not to Chinese delivery Su -35 fighter, because the two sides of the contract is not finishing, signed the contract is not effective enough. The arms behind the political considerations according to reports, analysts said, after the West against each other, further approached the relationship between Russia and Chinese, both sides.相关的主题文章: