Forest Park in Fuzhou many landslides hit 19 on the part of the park

Forest Park in Fuzhou many landslides hit the 19 part Park Park Road by the flood washed down the gravel covered Fuzhou national Forest Park, rainbow bridge collapse Strait news network September 17th (reporter Shi Leilei Zhu Liping Wen Xiaochun of the sea) by Typhoon "Meranti" influence, most parks in the city of Fuzhou has taken measures to the park closed. After a day of cleaning, from now on, including the hit zoo, Jinan River Park will be open. It is understood that the most affected is the Fuzhou national Forest Park, the water back yesterday, reporters walking sea into the area, found that the park has three large landslides, went to the Longtan wooden road damage, may be next year to complete the repair work. Fuzhou national Forest Park management said, the park to wait 19 days to the opening part. The park is a mess and can only walk according to the Department of inland river in Fuzhou City, 15 at 4 pm, a sharp rise in the Jinan River flood under the influence, caused by urban waterlogging. Jinan river water from Bayi Reservoir, bucket top reservoir, Yang Ting reservoir, and the surrounding area the size of surface runoff, the water flow through the relatively weak Qinting lake into the Jinan river. Bayi Reservoir water is from Forest Park Longtan river. Yesterday morning, in Forest Park under the leadership of the staff, reporters hit the park into the sea. In the Bayi Reservoir, the reporter saw the revetment piled up a lot of rocks, trees, water, wood, these are from the Longtan River upstream rushed to the reservoir. Reporters along the road to the north, see the rare botanical garden has more than 20 meters before the collapse of the rainbow bridge on the west side of more than 10 meters of landslides. Further north, through the peach garden area, the reporter saw, the Longtan River has been covered in debris flow, stream along the lane to flow to the downstream area. The peach blossom garden after about one hundred meters, because of landslides, large rocks blocking the road, the reporter can only walk over the rocks, wade into the. Reporters arrived at the west side of the fire Hotel, saw the road collapsed half. In the cherry garden before the dam of the fence all washed away, the landscape is also damaged in the cascade reservoir; Cherry Park after less than 100 meters, the Longtan scenic boardwalk were destroyed by mudslides, some wood plank scattered in the stream. Longtan scenic area next year to reopen the place according to the staff, the 15 day, Fuzhou national Forest Park has 85 staff and 8 vehicles to rescue, 15, 2:10 to 3:30, the peak rainfall reached 120 mm, 171.8 mm of rainfall, reached the order of torrential rain. "The affected degree after the 2005" Dragon King "typhoon." According to statistics, the Forest Park landslides, mudslides, landslides and other geological disasters, the slip slope more than and 50, 3 bridges, 1 reservoirs damaged, lodging trees in 2353 (according to the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of parks, urban roads and lodging trees totaling 1366 trees), the direct economic loss of 25 million 608 thousand yuan. Yesterday, Fuzhou national Forest Park is still cleaning up. Relevant responsible person said, is expected to 19 this month, can open the center view, and Longtan scenic area to repair, may take months until next year to open again. Many scenic spots in our province have been re opened yesterday, the reporter from me;相关的主题文章: