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Fortis fund Chen Cui: short-term market ushered in risk appetite improved window – fund channel this week the market rebounded across the board. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3033.90 points, rose 1.03% this week; Shenzhen stock index closed at 10609.70 points, the week up 1.49%; Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index closed at 3275.67 points, or 1.14% weeks. Small board index closed at 6822.03 points, the week rose by 1.41%; gem refers to close at 2156.51 points, weekly gain of 0.56%. Fortis fund investment manager Cui Chen believes that in September the Fed announced interest rate hike, the market short-term risk appetite improved usher in a small window. But the Fed is expected to raise interest rates during the year is still relatively full, overseas markets or not stable. Italy does not rule out the occurrence of a return to the next black swan event, there are variables in the outcome of the U.S. election, the global liquidity inflection point is also more concerned about the problem of the market. Fluctuations in the four quarter of the market is expected to increase or to earn absolute income is more difficult. Cui Chen said, recalling the past period of time, the better is the value of the shares, now the value of depression has been filled, is expected to enter a stock trading game city. From last year, turnover is very light, then or to continue shrinking, game. In addition to the recent PPP, optical communications industry, the other is better to improve the performance of the scattered better, lower valuation stocks. The recent data can see the PPP volume data by trillions of dollars, stimulus related stocks began to rise, the overall valuation has been higher. The first wave of investment is subject to rise, since then or will enter the stage of careful study of PPP stocks, the order of the company is expected to have a relatively good performance. To sum up, the lack of a large market opportunities for the sector, the opportunity to stock more dispersed. Cui Chen said that the game in the stock market, will take a bottom-up stock selection strategy, tend to look for opportunities in growth stocks. More concerned about electronics, new materials, the media industry. General performance of the media industry in general, some stocks are relatively good growth. In the electronics industry, some enterprises grow rapidly, the quality of the target is better. It now appears that the accuracy of the stock selection is more important than the position control. In addition, in response to the expectations of the market volatility is expected to increase, Cui Chen believes that fund managers need to continue to select stocks, the rhythm and band for investment operations also need to improve.相关的主题文章: