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French intelligence: over the past 6 years in Paris League and cup victory against Marseille home court Sunday 062           French   Paris Saint Germain VS Marseille       2016-10-24 02:45         the French grand opera, is undoubtedly the contest between Paris and Marseille this is called, the French national Derby event, because the newly replaced Marseille boss and coach and more attention. At Lille, Garcia has repeatedly led to defeat Paris, including 2011 and France won the French Cup double, but that Lille has a Zal and many other stars, the strength is obviously better than that of Paris, and now, into the era of Paris Qatar strength Guanjue method a, Garcia’s new club Marseille but because almost all summer sale the main, in France has become the middle team. Taking into account the strength of the two sides, the state and the host and guest factors, the Marseille take the difficulty is very big, change hands, such as the effect of the knife, I’m afraid it still takes time. Record level, Marseille nearly 3 round 2 wins and 1 draws, with 6 wins and only 1 game season opening stage is much better, but we must see the 3 nearest rivals Nantes, angers and Metz power are relatively weak, Marseille at this stage only two victories with 1 ball victory over, absolutely not there are many good; instead, 1 more than 1 Ping angers battle, Marseille in a large wind in the scene, 1 to 0 victory over Mames promoted the process round is also extremely thrilling win, largely depends on the experience of the state and home court advantage, and the recent record does not correspond. For a long time since the beginning of last season to avoid relegation struggle, Marseille fight capacity dropped significantly, non flat or defeat teams encountered when this season, with a nice, Ryan and the 4 Lyon gangang branch is currently ranked in the standings half team battle the total record of 1 flat 3 negative, further illustrates this point. Specific to play in Paris, Marseille in recent years, the record is even worse: nearly 10 games in formal competitions against each other, Marseille all failed! There were at least 2 goals per game, and half of the matches were blocked by opponents. The French national Derby history has the victory and defeat mutually, but in the strength disparity big disparity recent season, Paris already became Marseilles the impassable mountain. Moreover, the Paris will also have home advantage, in the past 6 years, Paris League and cup in the home against Marseille 8 wins 8 wins, conceded a gap of 16 to 3. This is Paris’s only disadvantage is that the week just played a Champions League matches, how much will the physical disadvantage, but considering the Wednesday’s Champions League is in the home court, no n expedition, is also the home court, so this disadvantage should not be too large. In summer, Paris released the number one star Ibrahimovic, the coach from Blanke to become a star, seems to have no previous season of domineering, but after all is the strength of the outstanding, nearly 4 war still made a complete victory, including midweek Champions League 3 to 0 victory over Basel. In other words, no matter what the performance of Paris is, how the state is, its winning ability is still worth it 法甲情报:过去6年巴黎联赛和杯赛主场对马赛全胜   周日062     法甲     巴黎圣日尔曼VS马赛     2016-10-24 02:45          本轮法甲的重头戏,无疑是巴黎与马赛之间的较量,这场被称作法国国家德比的赛事,因为马赛新近更换了老板和主教练而更加令人关注。执教里尔期间,加西亚曾经多次带队击败巴黎,包括2011年夺得法甲和法国杯双冠王,然而彼时的里尔拥有阿扎尔等诸多球星,实力上明显优于巴黎,而现在,进入卡塔尔时代的巴黎实力冠绝法甲,加西亚的新东家马赛却因为夏季出售了几乎全部主力、在法甲已经沦为中游球队。考虑到双方的实力、状态和主客场因素,本场马赛取分的难度非常大,换手如换刀的效应,恐怕仍需时日。   战绩层面,马赛近3轮2胜1平、较6战仅1胜的赛季开局阶段要好得多,但必须看到最近的3个对手南特、昂热和梅斯实力都比较弱,马赛在这一阶段的两场胜利都仅以1球优势险胜,状态绝对算不上有多好;相反,1比1平昂热一役,马赛在场面上处于较大下风,上轮1比0击败升班马梅斯的过程也是惊险万分,取胜很大程度上依靠的是主场以及经验优势,其状态与近段战绩的确不太相符。   自长期为保级挣扎的上赛季开始,马赛打硬仗能力大幅下降,遇到强队时非平即败,本赛季与尼斯、甘冈、雷恩和里昂这4支目前排在积分榜上半区的球队交锋时的总战绩为1平3负,进一步说明了这一点。具体到打巴黎,马赛近年的战绩更是惨不忍睹:近10场在正式赛事中对垒,马赛全部失利!单场失球至少为2个,其中还有半数比赛被对手零封。法国国家德比史上双方互有胜负,但在实力差距悬殊的近几个赛季,巴黎已经成了马赛不可逾越的大山。   何况本场巴黎还将拥有主场之利,过去6载,巴黎联赛和杯赛中主场对马赛8战8胜,得失球为悬殊的16比3。本场巴黎唯一的劣势在于周中刚刚踢了一场欧冠赛事,体能上多少会处于下风,但考虑到周三的欧冠是在主场、无需劳师远征,本轮也同样是主场,因此这一劣势应该不会太大。夏季巴黎放走了头号球星伊布,主帅由布兰克变成了埃梅里,似乎没有了上赛季的那种霸气,但毕竟是实力出众,近4战依然取得了全胜、包括周中欧冠3比0大胜巴塞尔。换句话说,无论巴黎表现如何,状态怎样,其获胜能力依然值得信赖。   由于有伤,巴黎中场莫塔并未参加周中欧冠,本场他伤愈复出,全队只有替补中场帕斯托雷一人缺席。反观马赛,除了边锋阿列桑德里尼、中场迪亚比、前锋拉比拉尔、后卫A.萨内等老伤号继续休战,中场主力卡贝拉也将因伤倦勤,此外中场主力替补万克尔停赛,这更拉大了两队实力差距,让巴黎主场3分更值得期待。   (刘超华)相关的主题文章: