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Fresh beauty burst table: Spicy steamed black snapper – Sohu and there has always been a "head of red snapper fish Bayu" Minyan in the castle, ordinary a Minyan revealed the profound chowhound by. Here refers to is will eat the fish people eat snapper to eat it on the head, when you eat it eat mackerel tail, the two parts are the most delicious fish body part. Snapper fish in addition to plump plump, head of red snapper is more good stuff. Snapper fish head containing more fat, gum alone can be used to stew fish soup, soup color white, thick, delicious taste. Eat the fish need to pay attention to eat, to fast and slow, eat fish brain, sauce, fast, smoke into the room along the throat, after eating fish, finally eat fish, slowly, savor, to fully appreciate the taste of the fish. In fact, in addition to snapper fish, which fish nutrition is also very rich, per gram of fish containing 19.3 grams of protein, 4.1 grams fat, 0.5 grams carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and other active substances. Not only that, from the Chinese perspective, it also qingrexiaoyan Buqihuoxue, spleen, Qufeng effect. Snapper gadji and two bonus Negage, gadji called the red sea bream, Sparus macrocephalus Negage is. There is an interesting story about the origin of the Canadian name. According to legend, Tang Taizong Li Shimin came to the East, Dengzhou (now Shandong Penglai). One day, he came to visit choose auspicious sea mountains (now Changshan Island), after the beautiful island taste the delicious fish, civil and military officials asked the delegation, what is this fish? The ministers dare not nonsense, then replied: "the emperor with the given name is." Taizong rejoicing, thought is the auspicious day to taste fresh fish and sea, add luster to this auspicious day, Ciming "snapper". Now the snapper is hard to catch wild, so now on the market for most snapper farming, the snapper fish taste although the price is cheap but still with some soil smell. So today to see the wild black Canadian fish in the sale, they quickly bought a back to make! Because it is not alive, so this way of processing, not to mention the taste is quite delicious! Or join in today’s food production! Ingredients: Wild delicacy snapper (York), a chili onion grams, grams, grams of garlic, onion ginger Geke seasoning: soy sauce steamed fish sauce grams, grams, peanut oil amount, the amount of salt making, delicacy: happiness tips: redsnapper, marinating again steamed for tasty. 2 steamed fish must use Menghuo steamed, steaming time is not too long.相关的主题文章: