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Fu Yu: China will be built into the world’s industrial power needs to break through the four core issues, compared with the previous period, 2016 is destined to be an unusual year." In October 25th held the third session of the global Chinese automobile joint conference and the "elite Chinese embracing the world automobile industry innovation forum, Chinese automotive research talent Association, association of automotive engineering Chinese long pay in the military (see figures in the latest news) for this year’s overall development situation on its own. Last year, the State Council issued Chinese manufacturing 2025, this year is the first year of practice of each strategy, is also the first year of the 13th Five-Year start. Various departments of the central government is planning the medium and long term development of China’s automobile. Whether it is strategic planning or top-level design, the most important thing is to build China into a world power after 10-15 years. Pay in martial view, the core consists of four main components. First, the core technology breakthroughs. Fu Yuwu believes that, despite the rapid development of China’s auto industry into the fast lane in 2000, but the lack of core technology has not been resolved, the future can be acquired through strengthening the basis of overseas mergers and acquisitions channels. Secondly, we need to think about how to build a world car brand with international influence. In the eyes of pay in the military, such as brand red, Harvard brand has been high, but slightly less than the international influence and competitiveness, the future should be thinking about how to build a world of automobile brand. Again, for Wu pointed out that although Chinese is now a big car, but poor export performance is a real problem, "in the process of internationalization, we always do not have very good performance, the future should work harder in internationalization." Finally, pay in the military, with particular reference to the problem of talent, "talent is indeed the biggest weakness China automobile industry." According to him, the China automotive talent research organization is to carry out the development of Chinese and foreign automotive industry in the medium and long term outline, the outline is expected to be released next year.相关的主题文章: