Fujian and two level anti fraud centers have been fully completed and put into operation-1926年属相�

Fujian provincial and municipal levels of anti fraud center fully completed and put into operation according to the Xinhua News Agency reporters from the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau held 16 press conference was informed that the telecommunications network fraud cases multiple alarm, Fujian provincial and municipal levels of anti fraud center fully completed and put into operation. 1 to October this year, the province’s anti fraud center on suspicion of fraud, fast query bank account payment and freeze to intercept telecommunications fraud network 2065, payment of money cheated 1.3 more than 100 million yuan, the return of more than 1210 yuan of funds of victims. Fujian provincial public security corps official said, in August 17th this year, Putian police received a report of the victim Wu, during August 11th to 16, Wu received fraudsters fake public security personnel telephone fraudsters to Wu suspected of a crime, need to transfer funds to the account security and other grounds, cheat Wu capital 170 million yuan. After receiving the report, Fujian Province, Putian City anti fraud centre to carry out close cooperation, involving bank accounts, payment fast freezing and query, query is 200 multiple accounts involved, a freeze the accounts involved funds amounted to 2800 million yuan, initially identified the fraud Gang account as a pool of funds, will be around the fraud succeeded the transfer of funds to the account, the account is frozen public security organs, there are still Everfount funds into the account. Fujian provincial public security corps official said that this year the beginning of the end of October, the Fujian public security organs to carry out a period of 3 months to concentrate on combating fraud in the telecommunications network "thunder crucial action, focus on staff posing as public security fraud and fraud, the disabled students, the elderly, accounting personnel and other criminal activities, strengthen the fight against infringement of citizens personal information, Trojan viruses, phishing sites," pseudo base station "crime on the lower reaches of grey cluster. (Fujian daily)

福建省、市两级反诈骗中心全面建成并投入运行 据新华社电记者从福建省公安厅16日召开的新闻发布会上获悉,针对电信网络诈骗案件多发警情,福建省、市两级反诈骗中心全面建成并投入运行。今年1至10月,全省反诈骗中心对诈骗嫌疑银行账户快速查询、止付和冻结,共拦截电信网络诈骗2065起,止付被骗资金1.3亿余元,返还被害人资金1210余万元。福建省公安厅刑侦总队负责人介绍说,今年8月17日,莆田公安机关接到受害者吴某报案,8月11日至16日期间,吴某接到诈骗分子假冒公检法机关工作人员电话,诈骗分子以吴某涉嫌犯罪,需要将资金转移至安全账户等为由,骗取吴某资金170余万元。接到报案后,福建省、莆田市反诈骗中心密切配合,开展涉案银行账户快速止付、冻结和查询,共查询涉案账户200多个,冻结一个涉案账户资金达2800余万元,初步查明诈骗团伙利用该账户作为“资金池”,将各地诈骗得手的资金转入该账户,在该账户被公安机关冻结后,仍源源不断有资金转入该账户。福建省公安厅刑侦总队负责人表示,今年10月底开始,福建公安机关开展为期3个月的集中打击电信网络诈骗犯罪“迅雷攻坚”行动,重点打击冒充公检法工作人员实施诈骗和诈骗残疾人、学生、老年人、企业财会人员等犯罪活动,加强打击侵害公民个人信息、制作木马病毒、钓鱼网站、“伪基站”等犯罪上下游灰色产业群。(福建日报)相关的主题文章: