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Fujian drug man with a knife hijacked female cadre mayor took the knife to rescue the hostages recently, the reporter learned from Fu’an City Public Security Bureau, Saiqi town mayor Cai Longyu a month ago in the face of drug man with a knife hostage-taking knife, regardless of personal danger to rescue the hostages, has been recognized as courageous behavior. In August 10th 11, an upper body naked middle-aged man aimlessly walked into Saiqi town government building a layer, and lolloing onto the two layer, the two is the town government office of village cadres aware, and followed him upstairs. The man in the two floor soon disappear figure, then came the heavy door voice and a woman scream. The village cadres mother followed that is located on the two floor of the room out of the financial anomalies, decisive kick the door. Two female staff out of the room, is working in the financial affairs of the town government cadres who have been stuck in the neck of the man can not get away. Town dangzhengban director Zhuo Wukang ran to the third floor, to the town Party Secretary Wu Fuqing and mayor Cai Longyu report. Wu Fuqing and Cai Longyu rushed to the two floor corridor. At this time, in the financial room, the name of a foreign accent of middle-aged men, the meat knife a shining in especially a neck, and heard about the more than 20 cadres and workers in a stalemate. What do you want, we can help, do not impulse!" See this case, Wu Fuqing and Cai Longyu to try to moderate tone, try to keep the mood for the time, waiting for the police rescue. However, when the hostages dragged back close to the time, not far from the Women’s Room. "I’m here to change her!" Especially seeing a neck has been cut out to the scar, Cai Longyu request, but was refused. He was in the town cadres Chen Shaokai Fu’an dialect account side, let him go to a magazine, with their own force to seize the knife will stand in the magazine especially a neck, just in case. At this time, the siren youyuanerjin, flustered criminals ready to drag the hostages into the bathroom. Have working experience of Cai Longyu’s defense team, while continuing to hold criminals emotions, while Gong body to slowly close to. "Can’t let them go, otherwise the toilet door locked, unable to control the danger!" Then, a big step toward the Cai Longyu, the right hand quickly grasp the knife hand, while the left power took the knife to chop the meat, the presence of the police and the town cadres also joined, will force criminals firmly under control, especially successfully rescued. It is reported that the suspect Lee Department of Hunan, Huaihua, has a history of drug abuse, has been arrested. (reporter Zhuang Yan)相关的主题文章: