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Galaxy futures closed on the 29 day of the assessment of the exposure of the fund Sina platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Copper: copper market Thursday opened higher to go, the continuation of the previous rebound in copper prices. The copper market, today the domestic backwardation rose 10 yuan to 190 liters 140- yuan, but still have to buy before the Holiday Stocking downstream gradually saturated, more in holding the goods before the holiday began to change, the overall turnover began to fade. The supply side, according to reports, affected by strong storms and lightning effects, Nan’ao power outages, BHP’s Olympic  Dam copper production was interrupted, the mine produced 203 thousand tons of copper in total in fiscal year 2016, fiscal year 2017 is expected to yield 200 thousand tons of copper. From a technical point of view, the short-term upward trend in prices is still. (Disclaimer: the risk of futures market trading and unpredictable, please caution, suggestions for reference): nickel nickel Shanghai Thursday fluctuated spot, Jinchuan nickel nickel Russian premium compared with yesterday without change, Jinchuan nickel premium 200 yuan, Russian nickel flat water turnover. The nickel price rose premium after the fall, traders shipped more positive, downstream rallies pick-up is low, nickel prices fell slightly after receiving goods will increase. In terms of industry, the loss of imports of nickel is currently expanding to 3500 yuan near the domestic import volume is expected to continue to decline, which also give Lun Ni certain pressure. Philippines, nickel Mining Association strongly condemned the review results released by the Ministry of environment and natural resources, some nickel is proposed to abolish its membership in the. Before the final results were announced, it is recommended to shut down nickel prices can still negotiate with the Philippine government. Nickel ore supply still variable, Indonesia nickel ore exports may be relaxed and other factors will continue to affect the nickel price trend. Disk point of view, the recent market supply may be short of doubt, the price is relatively strong, is expected to fully release before the news in Philippines, nickel prices will continue to be boosted, focusing on the 5 day moving average support below. Zinc lead: Shanghai zinc lead shock Thursday strong, relatively active turnover. The spot market, the Shanghai market today 0# zinc mainstream price 18220~18290 yuan to 1611 tons, Shanghai zinc contracts 70 liters 50~; backwardation yesterday narrowed to 20 yuan per ton, premium dropped after traders offer reduced, long before delivery were few; lower fear of high market wait-and-see, the overall turnover is poor. The central bank officials said the yuan pegged to a basket of currencies, the devaluation trend is normal, the government to control the exchange rate, allowing a slow depreciation of the yuan, the devaluation of the renminbi is expected to continue to push up domestic asset prices. This week, SMM industry, price of domestic zinc concentrate processing fee of 4400-4600 yuan per ton, down 200 yuan per ton, import zinc concentrate processing fees reduced by $7.5 to $90-100 tons of dry, part of mine production is still difficult to make up the zinc ore gap, zinc concentrate shortage will continue to support prices. Disk point of view, the Shanghai zinc short-term continuation of the shock is too strong, the impact of the Shanghai lead 15 thousand pressure blocked, or need to consolidate the finishing, the focus of the operation to continue to move up the aluminum: Shanghai and Shanghai on Thursday once again strong, transaction theory相关的主题文章: