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Gansu: city state air pollution control "drag" will be accountable – Gansu channel — original title: Gansu City, air pollution control "drag" will be accountable on 29 September, Xinhua news agency, Lanzhou (reporter Wang Bo) in the capital city to remove heavy pollution "black hat" turned "blue Lanzhou" in Gansu Province, the future will also strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution assessment and accountability. Due to the lack of work, and did not complete the annual target and the drag back city, will be interviewed, in accordance with the relevant provisions of responsibility. This is the Gansu province twelve session of the twenty-sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the construction of ecological security barrier group reporter from 28 at the review meeting was informed about. On the same day, the Gansu provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Wang Jianzhong disclosed in response to questions, the heating pipe network construction is lagging behind, industrial pollution source of governance is slow and the dust weather spread and many other factors, 20142015 Gansu air pollutant particles PM10 concentration can not fall. Wang Jianzhong said that the results of the formation of a number of incentives. In addition to all due to a shortage of funds led to the central heating, gas supply pipeline construction, coal-fired boiler out remediation effect is not obvious, the situation of industrial production pressure, factors of industrial air pollution governance and slow dust weather outside, before the first half of 2015, in addition to Lanzhou, other city states do not know the place and pay enough attention to work the measures are not implemented on air pollution prevention and control work, the relevant departments at all levels in scheduling, supervision, promote the work is also an important reason is not enough. Accountability mechanism is not really implemented, although adopted measures such as criticism, but not enough strength." Wang Jianzhong said. To this end, the next step, Gansu will strengthen the responsibility to implement strict assessment accountability. Gansu province environmental protection requirements, strict implementation of the party with responsibility system, cities and states, counties and urban leaders personally started, in charge of the leadership front command, functional departments, the implementation of work responsibilities. To strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution due to the lack of accountability, promote the work, and did not complete the annual target and the drag back city, according to the "Gansu provincial Party and government leading cadres of ecological damage accountability implementation measures (Trial)" and "Gansu province atmospheric pollution prevention action plan implementation assessment methods (Trial)" and other relevant provisions, requested by the provincial government leaders interviewed relevant municipal government responsible comrades, and to the provincial supervision department, provincial Party Committee Organization Department suggested that the responsible person shall be held responsible. (commissioning editor Shao Lan and Tong Wang)相关的主题文章: