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Gao Zhidan: our winter sports infrastructure is still in its infancy – Beijing recently, "the development plan of winter sports (2016-2025)" "National Ice facilities construction plan (2016-2022)" promulgated, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Gao Zhidan two planning related cases accepted an interview with reporters. Reporter: what is the significance of the development of ice and snow movement? Gao Zhidan: not long ago, the State Council promulgated the "healthy China 2030 planning outline", pointed out that to actively cultivate the characteristics of the consumption of snow and ice projects with the characteristics of fashion leisure sports. Ice and snow sports development is not only conducive to improving China’s ice and snow sports level, enhance the international influence, and to win glory for the country, to meet people’s diverse demand for sports culture, improve the health level of the people and improve the quality of people’s life and sense of happiness. The development of ice and snow sports is of great significance for the construction of a healthy China and a sports power, the implementation of national fitness strategy, the promotion of economic and social development, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. Reporter: what are the basic conditions for the development of ice and snow sports in China? Gao Zhidan: after years of development, our country in the winter sports popularization, athletic performance and other aspects of the industry have made some progress, but compared with the developed countries in the world of ice and snow sports, China’s infrastructure and level is still in the initial stage. Masses of ice and snow activities flourish. With the ice and snow sports "South exhibition West Expansion" strategy to promote, carry out regional snow activities expanding, snow activities types increasingly rich, the number of participants is increasing rapidly, gradually expanding the scope of coverage, the masses to participate in winter sports growing enthusiasm. The level of ice and snow sports rapidly increased. The steady development of China’s ice and snow sports, especially the rapid development of the ice project, has made outstanding achievements in the world championships and the Olympic games. As of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, China won 53 gold medals in the Olympic Winter games. Ice and snow sports industry. China’s ice and snow sports industry has initially formed a fitness and leisure oriented, competitive performances, venue services, sports training and sports tourism, such as the coordinated development of the industrial structure. Ice and snow sports participation and training demand, competitions are increasingly rich, and rapid development of the tourism industry, and site construction and operation of the market increasing, snow products and related products manufacturing has larger growth space. However, compared with the developed countries in the world, there is still a big gap between China’s ice and snow sports in the development of mass, sports and industry. In the mass ice and snow sports, the number of snow and ice population is low and the penetration rate is low. To ski for example, although China’s annual ski trips has exceeded 10 million, but China’s ski crowd to experience, quite a number of skiers slide only once a year, or even several times a year, while the United States, France and other countries each year more than 50 million people per year to ski, ski 3-4. In the snow and ice sports, from the four Winter Olympics, the competitive level of winter sports in China basically in between 7-14, the best ranking is the seventh Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and there is a big gap between the ice and snow sports world power..相关的主题文章: